Antigone Scene 3-5, Exodus

Theban Prince Haemon believes that Antigone, his first cousin and bride-to-be, is correct in burying her brother Polyneices despite his father’s non-burial law to the contrary, Haimon trying tell Antigone punishment are unfair. Why do Creon and Haimon argue?
He believes that Harmon should support him, a leader is one voice. Also, he thinks Haimon is too young to tell him what to do. How does Creon react to Haimon’s arguments?
He says he everyone should “obey” him or the leader success of the city. In the first scene with Harmon, what feelings does Creon reveal about leadership and democracy?
First sides with king, but sees wisdom in Haimon and tells king to listen his opinion What change do we see in the chorus during Creon’s scene with Haimon?
If Antigone dies, Haimon will die too. What event is foreshadowed at the end of the scene?
Not killing Antigone directly, he said he wouldn’t kill Ismene, I don’t think character changes, just to protect his authority What change does Creon make in his plan to kill both Ismene and Antigone? Does this indicate a change in his character?
Antigone blames her parents especially Oedipus. What specifically does Antigone blame for all of her troubles as she is about to be led away?
Creon- he think he did right thing, he doesn’t feel guilty What is Creon’s attitude as he confronts Antigone before she is led away?
She is happy to be with her family in Hades Why does Antigone not regret her actions at the end of the scene?
He wants him to let Antigone go. What is Teiresias’s advice to Creon, specifically?
He is enraged, and accuses Haimon of being influenced by his love for his fiancé. Antigone. How does Creon respond to this advice?
He will lose two family members, one for Haimon and one for Eurydice According to Teiresias, what terrible punishment awaits Creon?
He sends to free Antigone What action does Creon takes after Teresia’s prophecy?
He says that Creon used to be happy but all the happiness is gone. What does the messenger tell the audience about Creon as he opens the scene?
He was found shredded by the dogs alone then was buried What happens to Polyneices?
She dies by hanging herself What happens to Antigone?
He feels responsible for Haimon’s death. He is devastated. He sent Antigone to chamber which caused Haimon to kill him self when he saw Antigone died How does Creon feel about his son’s death? What is his responsibility in this death?
She dies, she curses Creon What finally happens to Eurydice? Who does she curse in her last breath?
He is going to be live his life alone of death of his family. What is Creon’s punishment?
Beginning: He is rude, stubborn, headstrong, child-like, blindEnd: He is scared, guilty, not blind, coward, takes responsibility for his actions Compare Creon’s actions at the beginning of the play and at the end of the play. How does he change?

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