Antigone: Scene 1, Ode 1

Which character suggests that the gods may have buried Polyneices? Chorus Leader
GUARD:Many times I stopped to think things over-and then I’d turn around, retrace my steps.Based on these lines, what is the guard’s attitude about Creon? He fears Creon
Who is the audience led to believe buried Polyneices? Antigone
Which question should be asked when characterizing the antagonist? How do others respond to the antagonist?
CHORUS:He moves across the white-capped ocean seasblasted by winter storms, carving his wayunder the surging waves engulfing him.Based on the lines, what did the ancient Greeks value? human dominion over nature
Which character is the antagonist in the play? Creon
CREON:Of all the citizens I’ve summoned you,because I know how well you showed respectfor the eternal power of the throne,Based on these lines, what is Creon’s attitude toward the elders? He trusts them
CREON:Eteocles, who perished in the fightto save our city, the best and bravestof our spearmen, will have his burialBased on these lines, what does Creon value? loyalty to state
Which situations is an example of dramatic irony? Antigone intends to bury Polyneices.
Dramatic irony occurs when __________. the audience knows something other characters do not

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