Antigone Scene 1 and 2 Questions

where is the story set Thebes. ancient greece
how did antigone and ismene’s brother’s die? they both fought against each other in the battle for the throne. but they both died in the end.
what order has creon given regarding polynieces’ body? he doesn’t deserve a proper burial bacuase he attacked his brother eteocles so he can become the ruler in thebes. creon thought polyneices is a traitor, therefor giving eteocles a proper burial but not polyneices
why does ismene tell her sister, “you are mad”? because antigone wants to burry polyneices even if she will die
what happened to antigone’s and ismene’s parents? there mother killed herself, then the father saw her dead and stabbed himself in the eyes with the object that their mother killed herself with.
why doesnt ismene help her sister? because she doesnt want to die
what are the members of the chorus? what is their purpose? they are the citizens. their purpose is to provide more action on the play, to foreshadow.
what background info does the chorus first provide for the audience? they provide detail about the battle of eteocles and polyneices.
who was capaneus and what happened to him? a member of army who climbed top of wall of thebes and got struck by lightning. he got struck by zeus.
according to the chorus, by whom were the seven captains overthrown? aries
the chorus advises “let us begin oblivion of the past” what does this mean? look at the future with happiness in stead of tragedy.
according to creon, how is he acting in the state’s best interest by denying polyneices’ burial? he says hes a traitor therefor he doesnt deserve a proper burial.
why is the sentinel “hastened – at my leisure”? hes going fat, but he doesnt want to give creon the info.
what does choragus mean by “this must be something more than natural”? it may be the gods wanting to bury him.
why is the sentiel happy to leave creon? he doesnt want to be tortured.
summarize the words of the chorus about man and nature in Ode 1? it talks about human accomplishments and humans ruling over the earth.
how was antigone captured? the dust storm accured from the gods. the gaurds saw the dust.
what happened right before antigone was detected alongside of the body? the dust storm.
creon accuses antigone of exulting in her outrageous deed. cite one of her line that demonstrates her exulting… it was not god’s proclamation. that final justice that rules the world below makes no such law.
according to antigone, why does not anyone express approval of her actions? couse they are afraid of creons rules.
what does sophiclies think about women? they are strong and not weak like the rest of the short storys say. by creating antigone, he shows that women are powerful, determined, not weak, and can fight for what they believe in.
who is the choragus? the leader of the chorus. when choragus speaks, he speaks for the chorus.
who is the chorus? the citizens of thebes.
What is happening at the beginning of the Prologue? polynieces isnt given a proper burial, antigone is planning to give him one even if she faces death, polynieces formed an army and attacked his brother eteocles in thebes. in the end they both died. they fought for the throne.
what was the agreement that Oedipus settled with Polyniece and Etecoles regarding the throne? one would rule for 7 years and the other brother would rule for the next 7 years.
What disagreement are the two sisters having? giving there bother polynieces a proper burial.
What do you learn from the Chorus about the events leading up to the opening of the play’s action? What background information does the Chorus provide? that polynieces formed an army and attacked his brother etecoles to win the throne, but in the end they both died.
who stayed royal to creon between the 2 brothers? eteocles
Compare and contrast Ismene and Antigone. How are they different? How are they alike? ismene believes she is scared/out of fear and needs to obey orders. antigone is determined, she believes she needs to do what is right, even if death is involved. they bother believe polyneices should have a proper burial.
Describe Creon as he is presented in Scene 1. he wants to lead thebes to greatness everything will be peaceful as long as no one defies him.
How did Creon become King? How does he see his role? the 2 brothers were in battle and killed each other. wants to lead thebes to greatness.
Why does Creon feel differently about Polyneices in comparison to Etolcles? Why does he refuse to allow Polyneices to be buried? he feels he’s a traitor. he doesnt want to give him a proper burial b/c he attacked thebes.
What news does the sentinel bring Creon? someone has buried polyneices.
How had the body “vanished”? Why did the guards argue? Do you think the guards believed that Polyneices should have been buried? Why? somebody placed dirt all over the body and the guards are arguing about who should tell croon about the body. the guards dont believe he should be buried because they dont want to go against creon.
Why does Creon ask, “Do you see Gods honoring the bad”? Do you think Creon would intentionally go against the gods? he thinks he’s better than anyone even the gods. he puts himself before the gods. he’s ignorant.
Why is Creon suspicious of the sentinel? Why does the sentinel say he won’t be back? hes accusing him of being bribed. it was his job to watch the body and he fell asleep. he wont be back because creon will torture him if comes back.
Why did the sentinel return to the palace in Scene 2? Has his demeanor changed? How was Antigone captured? Did she want to get caught? Would Creon have responded differently toward her if she acted repentant? he went to go tell creon what he saw. sentinel saw antigone cover polyneices with dirt. sentinel is very sorry, but he values his life more then hers. she wanted to get caught so she can make a statement.
What do you think of Creon’s observation that “Tempers too stubborn are the first to fail”? How does Creon feel about Antigone? What is reflected about Creon’s attitude toward women? creon thinks that antigone should pay for her intolerable actions creon is biest against all women. hes very stubborn.
whats creons fatal flaw? arrogaince
Why is it so important for Antigone to bury Polyneices? she believes its the right thing to do even if it means death.
Why does Creon compare Ismene to a viper? How does Ismene lie? Why does she lie? she lied becuase she didnt know what she would do without antigone in her life. creon said that ismene new the truth but didnt come forward. he compares her to a viper because she is sneaky and hiding. she lied and said she helped burry polyneices.
Why does Antigone contradict Ismene? What is the meaning of the line, “Mix not your death with mine”? antigone did it out of courage, but ismene didnt want to lose her.
Does Creon fear his son, Haemon’s, reaction? Does Creon feel guilty that he has condemned the woman who was to be his daughter-in-law? he dosent fear his sons reaction, and he doesn’t feel guilty.
What does Creon mean when he says, “… take them away and guard them well; For they are but women, and even brave men run When they see Death coming.” hes locking up antigone, and he thinks she will try to escape, but she wont.

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