daughter of Oedipus who honored her brother Antigone
Who wrote ANTIGONE? Sophocles
Who was engaged to Antigone? Haimon
Who is Creon’s wife? Eurydice
Who is the god of wine and fertility? Dionysos
Who is the blind prophet? Teiresias
Who is too frightened to bury her brother? Ismene
What monster did Oedipus defeat by answering the riddle? Sphinx
Who is Antigone’s uncle? Creon
Which brother received a proper burial? Eteocles
Which brother did not receive a proper burial? Polyneices
Which two characters are foils? Ismene and Antigone (Foils are characters whose differences are highlighted through their contrasts.)
the most powerful god Zeus
city where Oedipus grew up Corinth
city where Oedipus marries Jocasta and where most of the action in this play occurs Thebes
Greek drama had its origins in religious ritual for the Greek god ? Name that god. Dionysos
Why did the messenger fear telling Creon about the burial of Polyneices? He feared Creon and how Creon might punish him with death.
What is Creon’s hamartia? his pride or hubris
How does Antigone die? She hangs herself with her veil.
How/why does Haimon die? He kills himself b/c he finds Antigone dead.
What is the irony of Teiresias’ warning to Creon? Teiresias, although blind, has insight into the future while Creon, who has his sight, lacks insight and knowledge.
What does Oedipus do when he finds out he has killed his father and married his mother? He gouges out his eyes.
The main conflict in the play is what? law of the gods vs. the law of humans or listening to one’s conscience vs. listening to authority
Why does Ismene not want to bury her brother? She says, “We are only women,” and she does not want to go against man’s laws.
Why does Antigone want to bury her brother? Because her conscience tells her it is the right thing to do. All family members deserve an honorable burial. She is not afraid to go against man’s laws b/c she feels the gods’ laws deserve respect.
How does Antigone bury her brother? Merely throws dirt over his body
The penalty for defying the King’s decree not to bury Polyneices is what? Death by stoning
What was the basic purpose of the chorus? to comment on the actions in the play
What is Creon’s greatest fear? looking weak, especially since it was a woman who defied him
What is Creon’s punishment for his actions in the play? He loses his son, niece, and wife (they all die).

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