“Antigone” Quotes

Antigone “There’s nothing, no pain, our lives are pain, no rrivate shame, no public disgrace, nothing i havent seen in your grief’s and mine.
Ismene I’ll beg the dead to forgive me
Creon never at my hands will the traitor be worshipped above the patriot
Antigone The doom reserved for enemies marches on the ones we love most
Antigone no one will ever convict me of a traitor
Antigone i have longer to please the dead than please the living here
Antigone Nor did i think your edict had such that you a mere mortal could override the gods the great unwritten unshakeable traditions
Antigone ive ben accused of folly by a fool
Antigone i am agony
Antigone my reverence brands me for irreverence
Ismene You’ve been wrong from the start, you’re off to a hopeless guest
Creon Whoever disobeys in the least will dire his doom sealed, stoning to death inside the city walls
Creon what man alive would dare
Creon there’s no room for pride not in a slave not with the lord and master standing by
Creon i’m not about to prove myself a liar, not to my people, no, i’m going to kill her
Creon It’s best o keep the established laws to the very day we die
Chorus Zeus hates with a vengeance all bravado, the mighty beasts of men
Chorus I see antigone make her way to the bridal vault where all are laid to rest
Chorus your own blind will, your passion has destroyed you
Chorus reverence asks for reverence in return
Chorus for mortal men there is no escape from the doom we must endure
Chorus reverence towards the gods must be safe-guarded
Sentry oh its terrible when the one who does all the judging judges all things wrong
Sentry My king, there’s nothing you can swear you’ll never do- second thoughts make liars of us all
Haemon no marriage could ever mean more to me than you, whatever good direction you may offer
Haemon what a splendid King you’d make of a desert island, you and you alone
Tiresias stubbornness brands you for stupidity- pride is a crime
Eurydice sorrow and i are hardly strangers

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