Antigone Quiz

What motivates Antigone? dedication to her family, honoring Polynices
Between what 2 standards is Antigone torn? Creon’s decree not to bury Polynices the traitor, and the standard of Greek women burying the dead
What motivates Creon? hubris, laws must come first
What is Ismene’s opinion of Antigone’s actions early in the play? they are unwise, risky, disobedient
How does the Chorus feel when they find out the lawbreaker is Antigone? horrified, siding with Antigone and trying to convince Creon to have mercy
What is Haemon’s opinion of his father’s actions? he thinks they’re wrong, selfish
What is Haemon’s opinion of Antigone’s actions? he finds them good and honorable
What does Tiresias prophesy? Creon will lose his own son as a result of his arrogant acts towards Antigone
When does Creon have a change of heart? after Tiresias prophecies that his son will die as a result of Creon’s actions and the chorus pleads with him to change his mind
Who else dies at the end of the play? Antigone, Haemon, Eurydice
1 important contribution of Sophocles added 3rd actor and backdrops, changed drama to be more like today
Role of Chorus voices audience’s thoughts, convince Creon to be less harsh, give back story, gives play’s central themes
What was significant about the actors in ancient Greece? all males
What is Antigone’s tragic flaw? How do you know? stubbornness, she will not be stopped from burying her brother, and multiple times she refuses to be sorry for it
How does Antigone’s tragic flaw bring about her downfall? she buries her brother even though it’s against the law and she is entombed for it, she refuses to die like a weakling, shriveled up on the cold floor, so she kills herself. MWARG GARG BLARG HARG!
At what point does Creon exhibit hubris? when almost everyone around him advices him against entombing Antigone and he cannot put aside his pride to listen and think of a better solution
Explain how Antigone is a good example of a Greek tragedy by the following term: hubris. the character of Creon is very hubris by refusing to listen to anyone else and refusing to believe he’s wrong until it’s too late
Explain how Antigone is a good example of a Greek tragedy by the following term: hamartia/tragic flaw Antigone’s harmatia of stubbornness brings about her downfall as does Creon’s hamartia of hubris
Explain how Antigone is a good example of a Greek tragedy by the following term: fate Antigone knows that she will probably die as a result of burying her brother, but she does it anyway because she knows it’s the right sacrifice to make
Explain how Antigone is a good example of a Greek tragedy by the following term: catastrophe in the end Creon realizes his mistakes only after everyone dear to him has died
year Antigone was written 500 BC
Why was drama important to ancient Greek culture? honor Dionysus, god of wine and entertainment, inexpensive form of entertainment
Why is tragedy a popular part of culture both now and then? it’s good to experience those emotions, related to your life
Different parts of Greek stage theatron-semi circle where audience sits, parodos-2 passages to exit and enter, orchestra-circle in middle for chorus to sing and dance, skene-rectangle on bottom that was stage

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