Antigone Multiple Choice Questions

When and where do all of the actions take place? One day in front of the palace of Creon
What was the name of the battle the day before the play begins after the repulse of the Argive army and the assault on Thebes? Seven Against Thebes
What was the author of Antigone? Sophocles
What is a decree? A law
Define character foil. A character who provides a striking contrast to another character.
What is a Parados? A song that marks the entry of the chorus, which represents the leading citizens of Thebes? It flashes back to the battle between the two brothers.
When is Creon introduced? Scene 1
What is a Sentry and what does his arrival provide? A guard. Provides comic relief.
When does dramatic irony occur? When creon said to the man to define him. It is actually a women.
Define Cynic/Cynical. One who believes that humans are motivated by self interest.
What is an Ode? A song chanted by the Chorus.
What is the theme of Ode 1? Man is wonderful
What scene does creon have his first confrontation with antigone? Scene 2
What is Hubris? Excessive Pride
What does creon accuse antigone of? double insolence. breaking the law and boasting about it.
When does Creon have a confrontation with his son? Scene 3
What is Logos? Logic

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