Antigone family tree

Cadmus founder of thebes
Laios Killed by Oedipus (secretly his father who got into a scuffle with him on the road)
Jocaste Oedipus’ mom and wife (sister to Creon)
Oedipus tragic hero whom gouged eyes out after finding out he killed his father and married his mother
Polyneices Traitor whom went against Thebes (brother vs brother) (son of oedipus)
Etocles Hero whom defended Thebes from Polyneices (son of Oedipus)
Ismene daughter who at first refused to disobey the Kings orders but eventually stood beside Antigone (daughter of Oedipus)
Antigone wanted to give bro proper burial which went against the Kings orders (daughter of Oedipus)
Creon King who rules Thebes after Oedipus (brother in law to him)
Eurydice wife of Creon
Haimon engaged to Antigone
megareus daughter of Creon
Aristotle divided drama into tragedy and comedy
Zeus most powerful of gods
Tiresias The blind prophet
Argos Polyneices army
Corinth The place were Oedipus was raised by his adoptive parents

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