antigone by sophocles translated by ruby blondell

play writer of antigone who wrote tragedies. antigone the play is known as a Theban play. sophocles
antigone takes place in thebes and not in athens which is said to be sort of odd because many greek play writers were from athens. during the time the play was written there was many cultural clashes in athens thebes and athens
the plays main character or heroine. antigone is mad that Creon her uncle will not allow Polynesis to be properly buried so in the end she hangs herself in front of Creon just before he realizes that he was wrong and was going to release her. antigone
king of thebes after polynices and eteocles kill each other. he is antigenes uncle and he only cares about rule and politics. in the end after his whole family kills themselves, he is left to die alone Kreon
man who tells Creon that what he is doing is wrong by not burying Polynices and because of this his whole family will die. He is the one in the play who gives good advice and reason Teiresias
the narrator in the play who introduces who is entering and who is leaving and for what reasons. whenever a tragedy occurs, the chorus comments on it chorus
greek word for city. this is where specific traditions, customs and religions are made Polis
the god that is celebrated by antigone in the play. the god that symbolizes sexuality and festivity. Dionysus
this is known as the ability of man who handle every need. it is said that man can accomplish in both something wonderful and something terrible at the same time. the ode to man
to cleanse or purge oneself. antigone’s catharsis would be when she wanted to bury her brother even against her uncles will katharsis

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