How were Eteocles & Polyneices to rule Thebes? In opposite years
Who attacks Thebes? Polyneices with 7 Captains from Argives
What will happen to Eteocles’ body? Will be buried with honor
What will happen to Polyneices’ body? Will be left to rot
Who does Antigone talk with about Creon’s edict? Ismene
What will happen if someone goes against the edict? Public death by stoning
How does Ismene respond to Antigone’s plan to bury Polyneices? Ismene is too afraid to help.
What reasons besides death does Ismene give as to why they shouldn’t go against the edict? They are women (they shouldn’t go against men), They shouldn’t go against the state.
How does Antigone react to Ismene’s reluctance to help? She says “The dead will hate you always-justly”
What does Antigone say Ismene needs to worry about? Her own fate because the gods might not agree with Creon
What does Antigone say about her possible death? She says it won’t be shameful to die for what she thinks is right
What does the chorus say in the entry ode? The chorus is talking about Polyneices
What is Creon’s reason for his edict against the brother? Polyneices (the brother) attacked the city
What does the guard come to tell Creon? Someone has buried the corpse.
Who does the chorus suggest buried Polyneices? The gods
Who does Creon think buried Polyneices? He thinks the guard was bribed to let someone bury him.
What does Creon say will happen to the guard if the guard doesn’t find the person who buried Polyneices? The guard will suffer the punishment as if he buried the corpse himself
In the first choral ode, what does the chorus warn Creon and Antigone? Mortals are to follow the laws of the state and the will of the gods, and sometimes these contradict one another
How does the guard say they discover Antigone? They discover her after they cleaned the body and sat and waited for the person’s (Antigone’s) return
What was Antigone’s response to Creon when he asked if she disobeyed the law? She said she intentionally disobeyed the law
What does Antigone say would hurt more than death for disobeying? Her brother going unburied
What does Antigone call Creon? She calls him a tyrant
What about Antigone disobeying bothers Creon? She’s a woman
What does Antigone say she will be like if Creon doesn’t set her straight? It would be worse for her to live than to die
Who else does Creon blame? Ismene
What does Ismene say when Creon asks if she did it too? She says that she will take all blame
How does Antigone reply to Ismene for taking the blame? She says Ismene had no part in it
What does Ismene say when Creon asks why she wants to join Antigone? Antigone is her only living relative
What does the chorus say about Oedipus’ family in the second choral ode? They’re cursed and refer to Oedipus’ great grandfather King Labdacus (he was the one who was originally cursed)
What does the chorus also say in warning to Creon? Listen when someone speaks wisely (Creon is not all knowing)
Whose side does Haemon say he’s on? His father’s side
Whose side does Haemon say the people of the city are on? Antigone’s
What does Haemon try to tell Creon? Creon is at odds with god given justice
What does Haemon threaten to Creon? He will kill himself if Creon kills Antigone
What is Creon’s punishment for Antigone? He will hide her in a rocky cavern with “enough food to ward off a curse”
Who comes to see Creon? Tiresias, a seer or prophet
What does Tiresias say to Creon? To release Antigone and bury Polyneices
What is Creon’s response to Tiresias? He will not allow Polyneices to be buried; he thinks Tiresias has been paid to give this warning but there is no history of this from Tiresias
Who convinces Creon to change? The chorus
What happens to Creon’s wife? She kills herself upon learning that her son Haemon took his life
What happened to Antigone? She hanged herself in her rocky cavern
What happened to the body of Polyneices? It was given a proper burial by Creon
What happened to Haemon? He falls on his own sword (in front of his father) upon learning of Antigone’s death
How is Creon in the end? He is depressed to say the least
Violation of state laws results in what? Death
Violation of god given rights/justice results in what? Curses AND Death

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