What information does Antigone give to Ismene at the beginning of this scene? She tells her that Creon has made an edict that says no one is allowed to bury Polyneices
What has just happened in the sister’s family? Both their brothers have fought in a war and killed each other
What does Antigone plan to do? Why? She plans to buy polyneices and give him the burial rights because its what family should do.
Does Ismene plan to join Antigone? Why or why not? No because she thinks it’s stupid to go against Creon’s’ order and it will cause trouble.
what story does the chorus tell in the Parodos? It tells the story of Polyneices and Eteocles war for power. It describes Poly as Ares and blood thirsty. Eteocles and Zeus defend Thebes.
Whos has Creon assembled at the beginning of scene 1? Why does he say he has passed the new law? He assembles the chorus and he has done this because he believes Polyneices is a traitor and doesn’t deserve the privilege of burial
How does the sentry act when he comes before Creon? What does this suggest about Creon’s personality or reputation? He’s disheveled, bumbling, and a bit afraid. It suggests people don’t respect Creon, but that his harsh temper scares people
What news does the sentry bring? Who does Creon think is responsible? The sentry says someone has sprinkled dust and done the burial ritual on Polyneices creon. Creon suspects a man bribed one of the sentries to do it.
What is the dramatic irony in scene 1? The audience knows Antigone buried him but Creon, Sentry and Chorus don’t know that
Who does the sentry bring before Creon? How has the culprit been caught? The sentry brings Antigone before Creon. The guards uncovered the body and waited, antigone screamed and came back. She then admitted to the crime.
What is Antigone’s attitude toward death? She welcomes it and doesn’t fear it. Her pride is strong here and she acts as if death doesn’t scare her.
Whom else does Creon want ot question? Ismene
What has Creon decided to do with the sisters? They should both be killed
Who has come to speak with Creon? Haemon (his son) has come to speak to Creon.
What does Creon says is the greatest evil that society faces anarchy
What does Haemon ask Creon to do? not be stubborn, listen and to free Antigone
What is Creon’s response to Haemon’s request? He gets angry, accuses Hemon of being immature and having gone soft and weak for women
Haemon says on page 225 one death beckoning to another.” What does hemon mean? What does Creon thinks he means? Haemon says he will kill himself if Antigone dies. Creon thinks that Haemon will kill him.
how has haemon’s tone/attitude toward creon changed from the beginning to end of the scene? At the beginning he’s the perfect, respectful and flattering and at the end he is angry, desperate, and accuses Creon of being too stubborn and offending the Gods.
How will Antigone be killed? She will be sealed in a stone vault until she dies. She will be given a little food and water to purify the city, but it’s only enough to survive a little bit of time.
What is the chorus’s attitude toward Antigone? How is this different from earlier in the play? The chorus feels sorry for Antigone and believes that she will receive glory after death. Earlier in the play, the chorus was on Creon’s side and said the criminal should be punished.
On pages 228-233 what feelings does antigone express about her father? she expresser anger and sadness about her father because she believed her death and her brother’s deaths were linked to her father’s crimes.
What is happening at the end of scene 4? antigone is being led away into the vault
According to Teiresias, what is the new calamity that creon has brought to Thebes? Thebes is cursed because Creon didn’t give Polyneices a proper burial. Dogs and birds who have eaten the body are diseased and have spread this disease to people. the Gods refuse to listen to prays or sacrifices.
What does Creon accuse Tiresias of wanting from him? he accuses him of wanting money
What does Teiresias predict for creon? What crime has creon committed to deserve this? He predicts Creon’s house will be cursed and his son will be taken from him (corpse for corpse) and the Furies will drive him to insanity. Creon deserves this because he hasn’t given Polyneices a proper burial and has sent Antigone (a child of the light) to an early death.
choragus leader of chorus
What does the choragus tell creon that he must do to prevent his downfall? He tells creon that he must free antigone and give Polyneices a proper burial.
Who does Antigone choose to commit suicide? It is prideful because she controls her death not someone else and she doesn’t want anyone to see her suffer or be weak. Also, she feels she has nothing to live for because her brothers and parents are dead and she can never marry her love haemen.
Is Antigones death the same as her mother or different? Jocasta’s death is more out of grief and despair while Antigone’s is more planned out to show her pride.
What does Creon’s wife’s suicide symbolize? Eurydice’s death symbolizes the last straw to drive creon to full insanity. When eurydice blames everything on creon and calls him a murder he fully realizes the extent of his deeds and he just falls apart.
Is creon a tragic figure? NO, because he didn’t do anything heroic?
Describe two sides of Creon? Bully because of what he did to antiogne. Savior because he wanted the city to have order and rules.
Could the play have been called creon instead? no because antigone is the one who sets him off. If she hadn’t set creon off everyone would have obeyed him and his rule would have gone on normally, and nobody would have cared about him after he died and antigone and haemon would have taken over.
How does creon say he wants to die? He says he wants to be stabbed by a double lanced sword. this symbolizes how he has lost his pride because its dishonorable to be killed by someone else. Also, it further shows his failure to take responsibility.

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