Who is on the throne when Thebes is attacked? Eteocles
Who raises an army and marches against Thebes? Polynices
What happens to Polynices and Eteocles? they kill each other in battle
What is the decree that Creon issues regarding the bodies of the two brothers? Eteocles is granted proper burial while Polynices’ body is to be left out in the streets unattended
What is the original punishment decreed for anyone who buries the body? death by stoning
Why is it considered wrong to leave a bodied unburied? burying a body is a sign of respect
How does Ismene differ from Antigone? Ismene doesn’t want to help bury Polynices, but Antigone is determined to bury his body
Who brings the news that the body has been buried? a soldier
How does Antigone react when she is brought to Creon after being discovered burying the body? she comes clean and is cooperative
How does Creon react when he learns that Antigone has buried the body? he is angry that she disobeyed the decree
Who is engaged to Antigone? Haemon
What is Haemon’s attitude when he first confronts Creon? at first he is trying to help Creon from getting hate from the people, but then he becomes upset with him
What does Creon do when he realizes that he has been wrong about not burying the body? he hurries to free Antigone and bury Polynices’ body
Why has Teiresias come to Thebes? he tries to make a sacrifice but nothing will burn
Who convinces Creon to reverse his decision about burying the body and imprisoning Antigone? Teiresias
How does Haemon die? he sees Antigone dead and tries to stab Creon, but he ends up stabbing himself
How does Antigone die? she hangs herself with the cloth of her own dress
How does Eurydice learn that Haemon is dead? the messenger
How does Eurydice die? she also hangs herself
What are Eurydice’s last words? she curses Creon for causing Haemon’s death
What happens to Creon at the end of the play? he is all alone and has been cursed

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