Antigone a young woman; daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta; bethrothed to Haemon; niece of Creon; sister of Polynices, Eteocles, and Ismene
Ismene sister of Antigone
Chorus a group of wise men who aid/help Creon in ruling; they are highly respected and represent the town elders
Creon king of Thebes; father of Haemon; uncle of Antigone and Ismene through his sister Jocasta
Haemon son of Creon; betrothed to Antigone
Tiresias blind prophet and priest of Apollo
Eurydice wife of Creon
Thebes setting of Antigone
Zeus king of the gods, often portrayed as the supreme arbiter of justice and destiny
Bury her brother, Polynices What does Antigone want to do at the beginning of the play?
Creon’s No one is allowed to bury the body of Polynices is ________ Edict.
They killed eachother How did Eteocles and Polynices die?
Antigone’s Ismene is ________ foil.
Dirce one of the most famous landmarks of Thebes
Hephaestus the god of fire, often used as a metonymy for fire itself
Ares the god of war; her name was often used by itself to suggest the irrational aspects of war
Bacchus the god of wine and intoxication; son of Zeus and a mortal prince of Thebes (hence his close association with Thebes); also known as Dionysus
Laius Oedipus’ father
Hermes Eteocles gets buried because he died fighting for ______.
comic relief The Guard is sometimes used as a form of ______ _______.
mother bird Antigone is compared to a _______ _______.
his pride and arrogance What was Oedipus’ tragic flaw?
fate Oedipus believed that he could defeat the god’s ________ for him.
her disobedience and pride What were Antigone’s two acts of insolence?
Hades the name for both the Underworld and its king
Megareus Creon’s older son who died to save Thebes from the Argive army
Acheron a rive in the Underworld
Niobe To whom does Antigone compare her death to?
Niobe a famous mythological figure who was punished for boasting about her children
Persephone wife of Hades and queen of the Underworld
Danae a mortal woman beloved by Zeus; her father locked her in a room, which Zeus entered assuming the form of golden rain
Lycurgus a Thracian king who denied the godhood of Dionysus and was killed by that god as a result
Pluto another name for the god of the Underworld
Antigone The following adjectives describe ________.-stubborn-righteous-brutally honest-loyal
Creon The following adjectives describe _________.-sexist-loyal to country-judgmental-assertive
Ismene The following adjectives describe __________.-concerned-selfish-reasonable-cautious
Haemon The following adjectives describe __________.-headstrong-obedient-just-wise
ode An _____ serves to represent the transition from one scene to another. And is always spoken by the Chorus.
Parados when the Chorus members introduced themselves
eagle In the beginning of the play, Polynices is being compared to an _______. (this is an extended metaphor)
Thebans Does Zeus side with the Argives or Thebans in the Trojan War?
Eurydice With whom does the Messenger share the whole story with?
Dionysus ___________ is honored in the Paean.
love In Ode 3, the Chorus comments on the power of ______.
Creon “Then leave her there alone, where she can either die or be entombed alive…for we have no guilt”
The chorus “Don’t pray anymore, it is not for mortals to escape our destined futures.”
Haemon “Then she will in dying destroy another”
quick temper What does the Chorus say Antigone’s tragic flaw is?
Persephone wife of gods

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