He realized he was married to his mother, and he blinded himself. He has died. What has happened to Oedipus?
All of Oedipus’ and Jocasta’s kids Who are Ismene, Antigone, Eteocles, and Polynices?
A) He has a burial B) left unburied and eaten by birds and animals What does Creon say is to be done with the bodies of (a) Eteocles? (b) Polynices?
They will be stoned to death What will Creon do if anyone disobeys his order?
Ismene wants to obey Creon and tries to talk Antigone out of it, Antigone wants to give her brother a proper burial, she believes family is greater than law How do Antigone and Ismene differ in their view about obeying Creon’s orders?
He is her brother and this is her last chance to do something for him. The laws of heaven demand she do her duty to him. Why does Antigone feel so strongly about burying Polynices?
No, she knows that burying him is the right thing to do, no matter the consequences Does Antigone fear being punished for burying her brother? Explain.
1.Invading army is retreating2.Polynices led the invaders3.Polynices and 6 chiefs attacked the 7 gates of Thebes4.The people of Thebes celebrate their victory5.King Creon is coming to speak List the past events about which the chorus speaks in lines 88-125
That he proves his authority as ruler In lines 140-142, what does Creon say will be the test of his mind and spirit as a king?
Polynices lead an army to attack the city What reasons does Creon give for denying Polynices burial rights?
News that someone has buried Polynices What does the sentry bring Creon?
He doesn’t know who did it, there was no sign of anything, there were no clues What does the sentry say when Creon asks who tried the corpse?
He did not want to have to tell Creon, he knows Creon will kill him How does the sentry feel about bringing this news to the king?
The Chorus thinks that this is an act of the angry gods Why does the chorus fear the sentry’s news?
Creon thinks the gods wouldn’t dare bury him because he did something bad Why does Creon say the burial is not the work of the gods?
A rebel in the kingdom who buried the corpse for money Who does Creon think buried Polynices?
He would rack and torture him to death What does Creon say will happen to the sentry if he does not find the person who buried Polynices?
1.Ride over the ocean2.Mastered the earth by cultivating the soil3.Lord of the birds and beasts4. Learned language and can think The chorus says man is the greatest wonder of the earth (lines 279-28). List four examples it gives of what man has accomplished.
death What does the chorus say is the one thing that is beyond man’s power?
A person that walks in sin can never call me friend but an enemy What does the chorus say about a person who walks in sin?
They removed the dirt from Polynices and sat on a hill and watched. Soon they heard Antigone screaming and saw her burying the body again. When they confronted her, she admitted burying the body twice. How does the sentry explain the capture of Antigone?
It was one of the steps to a proper burial Why does Antigone make offerings to the gods when burying Polynices?
The order not to bury her brother came from Creon not from God, and she thinks God’s law is more important than the king’s What explanation for her actions does Antigone give to Creon?
He calls her stubborn and says she will not get away with doing this How does Creon respond to Antigone’ s explanation?
He saw her in the house acting extremely anxious and disturbed and assumed she helped bury Polynices Why does Creon think Ismene helped bury Polynices?
Why wait if neither of them will change their minds, she thought what she did was honorable and she doesn’t regret it and she is ready for her punishment Why does Antigone ask Creon not to delay killing her?
Because the two brothers were enemies, Polynices was a traitor in Creon’s eyes and honoring Polynices insults Eteocles Why does Creon say that Antigone cannot honor both of her brothers?
In the country of the dead that may be the law, it is her duty to honor the dead and share her love with both brothers How does Antigone explain that she can honor both of her brothers?
She tries to take the blame but Antigone won’t let her What does Ismene say when Creon asks if she helped with the burial?
Ismene only gave words of support she didn’t do the deed Why won’t Antigone allow Ismene share the blame?
Because it is his son’s bride to be Why does Ismene say that Creon cannot kill Antigone?
It’s a curse that the gods put on Oedipus and it is being passed down through their family How does the chorus explain the sad events that happen to Oedipus and his family?
The father’s will should have first place in his heart, the son should be obedient and loyal to his father, kill his father’s enemies How does Creon say a son should behave?
Because if his subjects won’t obey him states, countries, families and armies are ruined and many lives are lost Why does Creon believe that a king’s subjects should always obey him?
They don’t agree with Creon, they think what Antigone did was honorable What does Haemon tell his father that some of the townspeople are saying?
Consider what the people are saying What does Haemon ask Creon to do?
He gets angry with his son and says that Haeman is a coward and he is on the woman’s side instead of his father’s How does Creon react to Haemon’s suggestion?
He is king and he makes the rules that the subjects are to obey, the rules don’t apply to him Why does Creon say he is responsible only to himself?
He will never see his father again What does Haemon say to his father as he leaves?
Throw her in a cave and leave her with just a little bit of food so he doesn’t feel guilty and leave her to die What does Creon plan to do with Antigone?
So he doesn’t feel guilty if she dies, the gods will decide if she dies Why does Creon choose this punishment for Antigone?
He had no respect for his son. Haemon loves Antigone, and Creon is going to kill her. Creon calls his son names and doesn’t consider what Haemon is saying. How do you feel about the way Creon treated Haemon?
Sin and divide families What bad things does the chorus say love can cause?
Sadness and the chorus cries What emotion does the chorus reveal as the doors open and Antigone appears?
Because Oedipus married his mother he was cursed by the gods and the curse was passed to her Why does the chorus say that Antigone is paying for the sin of her father?
No one forced her to bury Polynices, she chose to do it. What does the chorus mean when it tells Antigone she is a victim of her own self-will?
Her life is ending so soon, she didn’t get to enjoy a lot of the things in life. A wedding, a funeral, no more daylight. She is also sad because she thinks no one cries for her In lines 741-744, why is Antigone feeling sad?
Mother, father and brother (Eteocles) Whom does Antigone expect to meet after death?
She wishes them no worse punishment than her own What does Antigone say she hopes will happen to her enemies if they are proved wrong?
She is no longer stubborn and defiant she has realized her fate and she is subdued and emotionless As Antigone goes to her death, how is her behavior different from when she buries her brother?
He is nervous about his decision and he wants it all to be over Why does Creon want the guards to hurry Antigone to her tomb?
They are comparing those story to Antigone, and to show what is happening is not out of the ordinary it has happened before Why does the chorus tell three stories about others who have been imprisoned?
He is judging Creon’s decision and offers advice Why does Teiresias visit Creon?
He realized that Tieresias has never told him anything wrong so he will take his advice What does Creon say he will do with Teiresias’s advice?
He reads the signs of the birds to foretell the future Why does Teiresias listen to the birds and tell of their bloody fight?
Creon Who does Teiresias blame for the blight or evil in the kingdom?
Bury Polynices What does Teiresias say Creon must do?
He refuses to bury Polynices How does Creon respond after Teirsias tells him to bury Polynices?
He says Tieresias is doing this for his own good What does Creon accuse Teiresias of in line 882?
Haemon Who does Teiresias say will die in payment for Creon’s debts?
One for the life you have sent to death (Antigone), one for the dead still lying above the ground (Polynices) What are the two debts to which Teiresias refers in lines 895-898?
Sorrow and grief (lamentation) What does Teiresias say will fill Creon’s house?
They say they are terrible things but they have never known him to be wrong After Teiresias departs, what does the chorus say about his prophesies?
Release Antigone and bury Polynices What two things does Creon consent to do?
He saved the country from her enemies, became a respected king According to the messenger, what did Creon do that made him an enviable man?
Lost the joy of having a son and subjects who respect him What does the messenger say Creon has lost from his life?
He has killed himself What has happened to Haemon?
Creon Who is to blame for what happened to Haemon?
Creon’s wife, Haemon’s mother Who is Eurydice?
What has the messenger heard What does Eurydice ask the messenger?
They prayed over the body, washed the remains in holy water and cremated him, and put dirt on him. A proper burial was given. What does the messenger say he and Creon did with Polynices’s body?
Screaming cries of anguish As the messenger and Creon approach the cave in which Antigone is entombed, what do they hear?
Haemon Who does Creon think is making the noise?
She hung herself with her dress What has happened to Antigone?
Crying and holding on to her body What is Haemon doing?
Spat in his father’s face and drew out his sword, tried to kill his father. When Creon asks his son to leave the cave, what two things does Haemon do?
Kills himself with his own sword After Creon runs off, what does Haemon do?
He is scared she will kill herself, he thinks it’s unnatural for her to be so quiet Why do you think the messenger goes to look for Eurydice saying that her silence may be dangerous?
The body of Haemon As Creon enters, what is he carrying?
The death of Haemen In line 1068, what does Creon say his “stubborn will” has caused?
His wife has killed herself What further bad news does the messenger give Creon?
She calls to her dead sons, she killed herself with a knife in her heart and on her last breath she curses Creon as their slayer Describe Eurydice’s death.
death In lines 1110-1113, for what does Creon ask?
wisdom What does the chorus say is the chief point of happiness?
To revere the gods What is the law the chorus says is important?
When we are old When do we learn that pride is bad?

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