Ambition (Macbeth)

Main theme -motivates Macbeth to commit terrible deeds and changes him “valiant” to “dead butcher”-ambition is dangerous and can spiral out of control quickly-Macbeth starts of with one murder then has to continue to fulfill his needs-both Macbeth’s are destroyed by ambition showing that unjustified and immoral ambition is wrong
Macbeth’s biggest weakness -ambition is Macbeth’s fatal flaw-when reluctant to kill KD he had a moral but the ambition made him act against his own moral “I have done the deed”-his ambition is foreshadowed as he aims high but fails and loses everything “o’rleaps itself/and falls”-dies with a bad legacy “abhorred tyrant”
Can be good or bad -not all characters are corrupted by ambition like the Macbeth’s-Malcolm and Macduff are ambitious for their country and want to take Macbeth’s unlawful power away-Banquo hears the prophecies of his son but does not act on prediction like Macbeth

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