Allegories and Themes in Lord of the Flies

How is Lord of the Flies’ story as a whole an allegory? The group of boys represent humanity, the two tribes formed represent government and the chaos on the island is like a war.
What is the allegorical meaning of the conch? The conch represents society, order, and speech.
What is the meaning of the fire? The fire is a symbol for both hope of rescue and destruction.
Instead of the glasses being used for fire, what is the allegorical meaning of the glasses? Piggy’s glasses represent a metaphor of knowledge and without when Piggy doesn’t have his glasses, he is useless.
What do the pighunts show about Jack and his hunters? The pighunts show how bloodlust and savage Jack and his hunters have become.
What are the three allegories Lord of the Flies can be said as? Religious, Psychological and Political.
How does the hair of the boys show their savagery? The longer the hair of the boys, the more savage they become.
What is a symbol for showing adaptation? A symbol that shows how the boys have adapted is by them not wearing clothes. Without wearing clothes, the boys run and free and adapt to living on the island.
How is LotF a Political Allegory? They were trying to escape from the atmoic bombs threats but they then landed on the isalnd. Karma.
How is LotF a Religious Allegory? In the beginning, its like the Garden of Eden but then it becomes Hell on Earth. “Dystopia”

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