AHS English KS4: Romeo and Juliet Conflict Quotes (Blankety Blank)

Villain Tybalt’s favourite name for Romeo: ‘Thou art a BLANK.’
Two The first word of the play, introducing the theme of conflict immediately, is: ‘BLANK households, both alike in dignity.’
Oxymorons Romeo’s conflicted mind when it comes to love sees him waxing lyrical using which literary device? ‘O brawling love, o loving hate.’
Heel Mercutio responds to the threat of the Capulets with the line: ‘By my BLANK, I care not.’
Calm dishonourable vile submission Mercutio to Romeo when he refuses to fight Tybalt: ‘O BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK!’
Hang beg starve die Capulet to Juliet on learning she won’t marry Paris: ‘An’ you be not, BLANK, BLANK, BLANK, BLANK in the streets.’
Endured Capulet to Tybalt at the ball when Tybalt tries to get Romeo in trouble: ‘He shall be BLANK.’
Violent Friar Lawrence at the wedding: ‘These BLANK delights have BLANK ends.’
Married to her grave Lady Capulet to Capulet about Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris: ‘I would the fool were BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK.’
star-crossed Borne of opposing households, but destined to fall in love, the source of the conflict in the play comes from the fact that Romeo and Juliet are ‘BLANK-BLANK lovers.’

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