Act One Scene 4 Hamlet

summary hamlet and horatio join marcellys on the midnight watch whilst king and counties enjoy a drunken revel within the castle -the ghost walk again and hamlet recognizing the likeness in his father obeys the beckoning command
What is the weather? very cold again
What time is it? 12
What time does the ghost usually walk? 12
What is the Claudius doing tonight? -he is staying up late and swaying in riotous music and making toasts-draining his draught of rhine wine0the kettle drum and trumpet signal the cannon and the celebration of his toast
Why does Horatio ask if what the king is doing is a costume? for the benefit of the audience
What is Hamlet’s response to Horatio’s question of “is it a custom”? -no it isn’t -he greatly disapproves of it -it is a inherited tradition of the country that they are known for -it is more honored in breaking it then upholding it -they are known as drunken people and gain a bad reputation in other countries -they are called pigs and drunkards-no matter their achievements, their excess drinking is more powerful a attribute that gets them a bad name -te defect of nature being temporarily unbalanced influences bad manners and although they have good intentions they become contaminated by a single character flaw -shame ends up the strongest
What does Hamlet do once the ghost appears? -he calls for divine protection -he names the ghost Hamlet and recognizes it as his father -he talks to the ghost asking why is it is walking the earth after having a proper burial and being canonized bones-he asks why he resists the earth in all armor and makes them terrified fools -he asks what they should do -he assumes that the ghost will demand some action
What is the ghosts respond to Hamlet’s recognition? the ghost beckons him
What disagreement to Horatio and Marcellus have with Hamlet? -Hamlet desires to follow the ghost but they tell him not to -Hamlet says that he has nothing to fear because his life is not worth anything to him -Horatio fears that the ghost will lead Hamlet to a see or a cliff or make him go mad; he fears that the ghost will harm him -Hamlet tells them to take their hands of him and that he will follow him because he is being called and it is fate
What did Elizabethans believe about artier? -they did not understand the circulation of the blood -the believed that arteries conducted evil spirits to the brain
Who is Nemean lion? Hercules slew this mythological beast as the first of his great laborers
what do horatio and Marcellus do once Hamlet leaves? -they say hamlet grows desperate with imagination -they decide not to listen to hamlet and to follow him
What does Marcellus say about Denmark? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark
Waxes meaning grows
What type of man in Hamlet? How is this evident? Hamlet is a man of protocol evident in the fact that Claudius celebration disturbs him greatly-he says that the custom is more honored in breach than the observance -he follows Anglo Saxon law of behavior that’s admired is the key to success everywhere
What is suggested as a possible cause of hamlets insanity? The ghost may be driving him to madness Horatio is concerned if this
What is Marcellus famous line? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

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