Act IV Hamlet

What is a major “theme” throughout the book Death is the great equalizer
Apostrophe in Act IV King is telling England to kill Hamlet
Why are Fortinbras and Poland fighting They are fighting over a small piece of land
What is up with Ophelia She is crazy (result of Polonius’s death)
What is the significance behind Ophelia’s obsession with flowers She is a beautiful maiden, but will eventually wilt and die. She also needs nurturing and care
What happens when Laertes finds out about his father’s (Polonius) death He forms a mob, storms the castle, and demands answers
What flowers does Ophelia give to Laertes. Meaning Rosemary: remembrance Peonies: thought
What flowers does Ophelia give to Claudius. Meaning Fennel: flattery Columbine: adultery
What flowers does Ophelia give to Gertrude. Meaning Rue- sorrow Daisy- false love
Why does she talk about violets Violets mean faithfulness. Her faith left when her father died
Who receives a letter. What does it say Horatio. Hamlet is being held by pirates
Why does Claudius not throw Hamlet in jail (2 reasons) 1. People of Denmark loves him 2. Gertrude loves him
How does Claudius manipulates Laertes He tells him that Hamlet is thinking about fighting him
What is the plan to kill Hamlet Laertes will uncork his sword and poison the tip, and if he can’t stab Hamlet, Claudius will put a poisoned pearl in his drink
What happens at the end of Act IV Ophelia dies
How does Ophelia die She was picking flowers by a river and falls in, her ways her down and she drowns
How is Ophelia’s death ironic She doesn’t try to save herself, allows the river to kill her (obeys/pleases everyone)

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