Act Four Crucible

What is the setting of Act IV? How much time has elapsed since the end of Act III? Salem Jail ;Three months and it was roughly fall
Where do Tituba and Sarah Good tell Marshal Herrick they are going? What dramatic device is Miller using in this scene? Barbados ;Dramatic irony to create anxiety and tension in a critical scene.
What does Samuel Parris report about Abby and Mercy? What have they taken from him? What is Danforth’s reaction? That they haven’t only robbed him but had vanished him from salem
Why is Danforth especially nervous about the rumors of Andover reaching Salem? What are his reasons for permitting pardons or postponements of the executions? Riots in andover threw out the court which jeopardizes his position; by killing them no one would rebel.
How does John Hale describe the state of things in Salem? What does he find surprising? Falling apart, because so many are in jail.
Why does John Hale so sarcastically describe why he is in Salem, visiting people at the jail? What is ironic about what he is doing? To convince the accused to confess and to save their innocent lives.
How does Giles Corey die? Why does he die? He was crushed to death by stones
Why does Proctor refuse to sign the confession? How does Danforth hope to use the signed document? Because he is innocent and he refuses to be convicted of these charges.
Why is it so important for Danforth to get Proctor’s confession? Would help make others imprisoned people confess.
Why does John end up ripping the confession? What does he regain by doing so? One reason was to be used as an example and the other reason was to save his name.
Who sets a positive example for John by choosing to die rather than lie and live. Elizabeth

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