Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet

juliet, dead, revived, kiss, dead, juliet, life As Romeo awaits Balthasar, he remembers a dream he had where ____ came for him to find him ____, but ____ him with a ____. This dream means that Romeo feels ____ inside being away from ____. Juliet gives him ____.
page Someone who runs your errands for you. Romeo’s is Balthasar.
kill himself When he heard of Juliet’s death, Romeo reacted strongly. Balthasar feared that Romeo would ____ ____.
poison, poor, anything, money Romeo believes that the apothecary will sell ____ to him because he is very ____ and will sell ____ for ____.
john, mantua, sickness, quarantined, deliver, letter Friar ____ could not get to ____ because there was a ____ going around and he was ____ into someone’s house, unable to ____ the letter. The ____ could not even leave the house.
maw, death, earth, fill, food, tomb, creature, consume, tybalt Before Romeo enters Juliet’s tomb, he says:You detestable ____. You womb of ____. You are gorged with the dearest morsel on ____, so I’ll ____ you with more ____.Romeo is describing the ____. He is comparing it to a ____ that will ____ him. He is comparing ____’s and Juliet’s death to his own; Death is a creature.
kills When Paris tries to arrest Romeo, Romeo ____ Paris.
sin, soulless, crimes, guilty, killing Romeo says to Paris, “Good gentle youth, don’t tempt a desperate man.. Don’t lay another ____ on my head… Later you can say that a madman’s mercy told you to run away.” This shows that Romeo feels that he himself is a ____ body has committed too many ____ than he wanted to. He feels ____ of ____ Tybalt and doesn’t want to kill anybody else.
stars, fate Romeo blames the ____ and ____ for all the terrible events that have happened since he fell in love with Juliet.
go, leave As Juliet awakes, Friar Laurence pleads her to ____ with him and ____ the tomb
stabs, romeo’s, daggar Instead of doing what the Friar wishes, Juliet ____ herself with ____ ____.
Lady Capulet, Capulet, Montague, Prince, Watchmen, Page, Balthasar All the characters that are present to hear Friar Laurence’s confession are:1. ____ ____2. ____3. ____4. ____5. ____6. Paris’s ____7. ____
died, shock Lady Montague is not present at the confession because she had ____ from the ____ of Romeo’s banishment.
people, verona, death, prevented The Prince says, “We’ve all been punished.” “We” means the ____ of ____ and these people have been punished by the ____ of Romeo, Juliet, and others, which could have been ____.
montague, statue, juliet, capulet, romeo, property To honor Romeo and Juliet, the 2 fathers will:1. ____ will raise a ____ of ____2. ____ suggested that he will raise a statue of ____ next to her3. Capulet gave Montague ____, Juliet’s jointure

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