Act 5 Macbeth

What Lady Macbeth writes on the paper What does Shakespeare does not reveal in scene 1?
Lady Macbeth is sleep walking, talking about the horrors she has experienced, and making gestures. She also repeatedly washes her hands. What does Lady Macbeth do in scene 1?
She is attempting to wash away the “blood” on her hands, which symbolizes he guilt. Why does Lady Macbeth continuously wash her hands?
He says that her problem is spiritual, not physical. He recommends divine intervention instead of medical treatment. What does the doctor say about Lady Macbeth’s condition?
Simile – They compare loose robes to a lack of leadership. Meaning that Macbeth’s title doesn’t fit him. What literary device is used in “Those he commands move only in command, nothing in love Now does he feel his title Hang loose about him, like a giant’s robe upon a dwarfish thief.” What do they mean?
They are unbearded men, meaning they they have no beard , which indicates that they are young. What are unrough youths?
To restore the rightful king What does to dew the sovereign flower mean?
He does not think highly of him. He calls him a cream faced loon (pale) and a lily-livered boy (coward). He says that his young pale face will scare his army away. What does Macbeth think of the servant? What indicates this?
a person with refine tastes What is an epicure?
a coward What does lily-livered mean?
He wants to keep up his courage, and look that way. He also wants to feel strong and relieve some of his stress. Why does Macbeth keep asking for his armor?
All of the thanes have abandoned Macbeth. What does “the thanes fly from me” mean?
He repeats the witches words because he trusts them and they give him hope that he will survive. What does Macbeth continue to repeat in order to bring himself comfort? Why?
Malcolm’s army ties the wood of Birnam to themselves to camouflage so that Macbeth will not be able to see their numbers. They then march to Dunsinane hill. How does the Birnam wood portion of the prophecy come true?
Macbeth sees himself as a bear in bearbaiting. This means he was tied to a stake and dogs set upon them. What does “They have tied me to a stake, I can not fly, but, bearlike I must fight the course” mean?
In Roman times, the loosing commander would commit suicide, but Macbeth doesn’t want to do this. What does Macbeth mean by “Why should I play the Roman and die on my own sword?
Lady Macbeth commits suicide because she can’t live with the guilt of her actions. What happens to Lady Macbeth? Why?
Macduff was born from a c-section prematurely, so he was technically not born of a woman the natural way. How did the “born of woman” part of the prophecy come true?
She once told Macbeth to forget their crimes. Why are Lady Macbeth’s actions ironic?
He says she was going to die anyway, and is more concerned with the battle. How does Macbeth react to Lady Macbeth’s death?
How Banquo’s children become kings. What is not answered at the end of the play?
Macduff Who defeats Macbeth?
Young Siward Who does Macbeth kill?
Seyton Who informs Macbeth of Lady Macbeth’s death?
He thinks Macduff can’t defeat him, and he doesn’t want to be responsible for killing all of the Macduffs. Why does Macbeth originally not want to fight Macduff?

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