Act 5 Definitions Macbeth

perturbation Agitation, anxiety: state/ cause of mental disquiet;something effected by outside force
guise an external appearance: cover, mask, aspect, semblance, garb, mien
murky dark and gloomy, obscure, tenebrous; lacking in clarity and precision: turbid, suspicious
fie be gone!/ be off!
mortify (mortified) To embarrass or humiliate: abash, appall; to deny by self discipline: subdue, chasten
gentry courtesy, good breeding, social rank, elite, haut monde
minute (minutely) taking place minute by minute; careful: meticulously, intently
upbraid to blame, scold, find fault with: chastise, castigate, berate
taint (n.) a stain or spot; a mark of corruption or dishonor; (v.) to stain or contaminate: disparage, denigrate, belittle
epicure person with refined(good) taste in food and wine: connoisseur, gourmand
loon cretin, moron, dunce
whey The liquid portion of milk that is left after curds separate: additive
sere dried up, withered, parched
fain gladly, willing; obliged, forced, compelled
raze to alter, remove, obliterate
purge to wash away impurities, clean up; cause to leave the body; clear of guilt
pristine fresh and clean; uncorrupted, unspoiled, pure
purgative laxative, evacuant; aperientcleansing; cathartic
bane ruin, woe, destruction; poison (that causes death):plague, tribulation
hew Strike, chop, cleave; shape
bough main branch of a tree: branch, offshoot
err mistake, blunder, errant; to do wrong, sin
constrain coerce; compel; oblige; to restrain; impel;To severely restrict the scope of; force towards a corse of action
censure to express disapproval: reprimand, rebuke, flak(n) obloquy
speculate Contemplate; make an educated guess: gamble, conjecture, surmise
arbitrate to act as a judge: umpire, conciliate, resolve
siege the surrounding of a place in order to force it to surrender: blockade
famine extreme scarcity of food: starvation, shortage
ague fever, sickness, shaking: plague
treatise story, narrative, disquisition, monograph
dire (direness) serious, urgent, parlous;foreshadowing danger: ominous, unpropitious, inauspicious
petty insignificant, trivial, paltry
wrath rage, irateness, vexation
fiend evil spirit; devil; malign being
tarry to stay, remain, wait for; to cover with tar
clamorous vociferous, raucous, rowdy, noisy
abhor (abhorred) to loathe, abominate, regard with disgust, execrate
brandish to wave in a threatening manner: flourish, flaunt, swing
intrenchant not able to be cut
keen having a sharp edge; intellectually sharp: perceptive, ambitious
vulnerable powerless, impotent, susceptible
cow (cowed) to submit to ones wishes by intimidation: intimidate, unnerve, subdue
palter prevaricate (lie/ hide truth), deal evasively [with], quibble
rabble disorderly crowd, mob; regular people: populace, multitude, proletariat
prowess distinguished bravery; superior skill or ability: dexterity, audacity
usurp (usurper) to take by force: wrest, expropriate, supplant

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