Act 4- Hamlet

What does the queen rat Hamlet out for doing? killing Polonius
Why can’t Claudius kill Hamlet in Denmark? Gertrude would have a heart attack
What does Claudius need to figure out? what to do about Hamlet
What does the king send Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do? find Hamlet and find out where he buried Polonius
“It had been so with us, had we been there. His liberty is full of threats to all-“ said by: Claudiusmeaning: If I would have been in Polonius’ place, Hamlet would have killed me, he is a danger to everyone
“How shall this bloody deed be answered?” said by: Claudiusmeaning: this is what the king needs to figure out
“he weeps for what he has done” said by: Gertrudemeaning: Hamlet feels bad for killing Polonius, which is false
“we will ship him hence” said by: Claudiusmeaning: Hamlet has to go
How does Hamlet show his antic disposition to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in scene 2? when they ask where Hamlet put Polonius’ body he acts crazy and won’t give them an answer
“Yet must not we put the strong law on him. He’s loved of the distracted multitude” said by: Claudiusmeaning: He has to punish Hamlet but he can’t be too harsh the people love him
What does Hamlet call Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and why? he calls them sponges because they soak up the King’s orders and then can be used again
What has the king had enough of? Hamlet’s antics
What does Hamlet say to the king that alludes to where he put Polonius’ body? if you don’t find Polonius you will smell him (meaning he hid him under the stairwell)
What is Hamlet not telling the king that is getting him very aggravated? what he wants to know (where Polonius is)
“If your messenger find him not there, seek him in the other place yourself” said by: Hamlet to Claudiusmeaning: go to Hell
“which imports at full, by letters congruing to that effect, the present death of Hamlet” said by: Claudiusmeaning: in the letters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are bringing to England it demands Hamlet’s death
When will the king be happy? when Hamlet is dead
Where does the king tell about the letters and the death of Hamlet? in his mini soliloquy
What is happening when we first see Young Fortinbras? his march to Poland has begun
“Craves the conveyance of a promised march” said by: Young Fortinbras (yay his first quote!!!)meaning: Claudius gave him permission to marching through Denmark
What does the Captain say they are going to Poland for? to fight for a little patch of land
What does Hamlet ask the Captain? he is curious- where they are going
“and shows no cause without why the man dies.” said by: Hamletmeaning: it’s silly to go to war for nothing, why have men die?
Hamlet is basically a… pacifist
What sparks soliloquy #4? the fact that people are going to war for basically nothing
Soliloquy #4 where Hamlet compares himself to Young Fortinbras
What are Young Fortinbras and Hamlet? FOILS- opposite characters
What does Young Fortinbras’ ambition cause Hamlet to do? look at his lack of ambition
Seeing Young Fortinbras is forcing Hamlet to do what? look at himself, he says he is a coward, procrastinator
What is Young Fortinbras willing to do? sacrifice his life along with all his soldiers lives for something he believes in
What does Hamlet say is the difference between him and Young Fortinbras? Young Fortinbras acts even though, and he doesn’t even though he has a reason to do something
What does Hamlet say about what good humans are? he says what good are humans if we just sleep and eat like animals?
“Now whether it be bestial oblivion or some craven scruple of thinking too precisely on the event” said by: Hamletmeaning: calling himself a procrastinator
“Witness this army of such mass and charge, led by a delicate and tender prince” said by: Hamletmeaning: Hamlet respects Young Fortinbras, he has a lot of spirit
“That have a father killed, a mother stained” said by: Hamlet
“O, from this time forth my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth” said by: Hamletmeaning: now is the time to kill Claudius
What has pushed Ophelia over the edge? her father’s death
What are all the odds against Ophelia? -no mother-dead father-brother is in a foreign country-her ex boyfriend kill her father
Ophelia’s song seems to babble but there is sense to it
If we interpret the song a certain way, what did Hamlet say to her, making him seem like a player? I would have married you if you didn’t sleep with me
When Ophelia says “He is dead and gone” in her song, who could she be referencing? Her father (who is dead) or Hamlet (who is dead to her)
“At his heels a stone” said by: Ophelia in her songreferencing: Her father is buried
What does Ophelia’s song about Valentine’s Day reference? Hamlet
maid thought to be a virgin
In the Valentine’s Day song by Ophelia what happened supposedly? Hamlet took Ophelia’s virginity
In Ophelia’s song what is the whole marriage part about? Ophelia said that before Hamlet slept with her he told her he would marry her but after he said that he would only have married her if she didn’t sleep with him
“My brother shall know of it” said by: Opheliameaning: Laertes will want revenge upon hearing of his father’s death
Can we really trust anything Ophelia says/sings in scene 5 in this play? not reallllyyyyy
smile here 🙂
“Oh, this is the poison of deep grief, it springs all from her father’s death” said by: Claudiusmeaning: Ophelia is only crazy because of her father’s death, not true
“Her brother is in secret come from France” said by: Claudiusmeaning: Laertes is back from France and wants revenge
What are Laertes and Hamlet and why? they are FOILS because Laertes is a man of action and Hamlet is a man of inaction
What does the messenger bring the news to Claudius of about Laertes? that he is in the castle and got in by overbearing the king’s officers
“O, thou vile king, give me my father” said by: Laertes to Claudiusvile=evil
What is Gertrude doing to Laertes? restraining him, Claudius asks her to stop
What does Laertes want to know? How and by who his father was killed by, he doesn’t want to be messed with
“Let come what comes, only I’ll be revenged most throughly for my father” said by: Laertesmeaning: I don’t care what happens to me I’ll get revenge for my father (FOIL to Hamlet)
“That I am guiltless of your father’s death and am most sensibly in grief for it” said by: Claudiusmeaning: I am grieving Polonius’ death, I didn’t kill him (selfish)
“O heavens, is it possible a young maid’s wits should be as moral as an old man’s life?” said by: Laertesmeaning: one happened right after the other, Polonius died and then Ophelia’s sanity died
What is Ophelia doing that is a sign of madness? pretending to have flowers and give them out
What is Ophelia’s rambling like? it is crazy but suddenly can switch to not being crazy
What does Claudius tell Laertes to do to prove that he did not kill Polonius? ask anyone in the kingdom if he killed him, if anyone says yes he will give up his kingdom
What does Claudius want regarding Laertes? wants Laertes on his side because he can’t kill Hamlet
What did Laertes want for his father? a big funeral but he didn’t get it
What is Polonius apparently now that Laertes is so upset about his death it proves it..? a good father, he was important/loved by Denmark
What does a sailor give Horatio? a letter from Hamlet
What happened to Hamlet when on the boat to England? he was kidnapped by sailors but charmed them into taking him back to Denmark (Rosencranz and Guildenstern were still going to England)
What do Claudius and Laertes want in common? Hamlet to be killed
“That he which hath your noble father slain pursued my life” said by: claudiusmeaning: Hamlet was supposed to kill me not Polonius
“Is the great love the general gender bear him” said by: Claudiusmeaning: Hamlet is loved by the people of Denmark
What does Laertes want to know regarding Hamlet? why the king didn’t punish him like a criminal
What are the two reasons Claudius gives for why he didn’t punish Hamlet? 1. I am married to his mother, it will affect my marriage2. he is loved by the people of Denmark
What does Laertes say regarding the reasons Claudius didn’t punish Hamlet? he doesn’t care about those things, his dad is dead and his sister is crazy and he want’s Hamlet dead
What is up with the letter Hamlet wrote to Claudius? it is very respectful, sucking up to Claudius to get close to him; Laertes wants him to come
“But my revenge will come” said by: Laertes
“Will you be ruled by me?” said by: Claudiusmeaning: let me be in charge of this plan to kill Hamlet, Laertes allows him to be
“What would you undertake to show yourself indeed your father’s son more than in words” said by: Claudiusmeaning: Challenging Laertes, are you a man of words or of actions
“I will do it and for that purpose I will anoint my sword” said by: Laertesmeaning: Laertes will put poison on the end of the foil so if it scratches Hamlet it will kill him and he won’t have to stab Hamlet
“Therefore this project should have a back or second that might hold” said by: Claudiusmeaning: we need a plan B
What did Ophelia have on her when she died? necklaces of flowers
What is the only way Hamlet can die in Denmark? if it looks like an accident
What does Laertes ultimately want? to be the one to kill Hamlet, he doesn’t really care about the plan
Why does Laertes want to kill Hamlet himself so bad? it is personal for him (like MacDuff)
What did Laertes and Claudius small talk about? fencing
fencing swords foils, rapiers (not pointed)
What is the king saying to Laertes to get him riled up? You are a good fencer, Hamlet was always jealous of this
What is the king’s speech saying the plan is for Hamlet’s death? Hamlet and Laertes will fence and since Hamlet isn’t suspicious of anything he wont study the foils for a point or not but Laertes will be unbated so as they fence Laertes will stab him in the heart
What is plan B for Hamlet’s death? Hamlet will get thirsty during the fencing match and ask for a drink that Claudius will poison
What did the queen come in to announce to Laertes and Claudius? that Ophelia died
How did Ophelia die? she was wearing a giant dress and sunk in water (suicide?)
What is suspicious about Gertrude? did she see Ophelia’s death and let it happen, she knew all of the specific details

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