act 4/5 macbeth

what do the witches chant in act 4 -double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble
what is the first apparition armed head
what does the first apparition mean beware of macduff
how does mb react to the first apparition apparition guessed exactly what he feared
what is the second apparition bloody child
what does the second apparition mean no one born of woman shall harm macbeth
how does mb react to the 2nd apparition sense of security, “What need i fear of thee?”
what is the third apparition child crowned with tree in his hand
what does the third apparition mean mb wont be defeated until birnham wood marches to dunsinane hill
how does mb react to the third apparition that will never be
what is the fourth apparition 8 kings and Banquo
what does the fourth apparition mean “the first things of my heart shall be the first things of my hands” -mb
how does mb react to the fourth apparition why’d you show me this
what does mb ask after the third apparition? will banquos son ever be king/ “shall banquo’s issue ever reign in this kingdom?”
“show his eyes and grieve his heart come like shadows: show depart!” -first, second, and third witch-show him the third apparition and make him grieve and feel guilt
where does macduff flee to England
why did macduff run people were calling him a traitor and he was scared
who calls macduff a traitor first murderer
who does first muderer kill macduffs son
“not in the leigonsof horrid hell can come a devil more damned in evils to top mb” -macduff-no one in hell is worse than macbeth
why does malcom say it would be better for Macbeth to be king? all the women would be all over him and he is greedy
why is the doctor so special he has healing powers and is graced by god
why would having malcom in scottland help it would inspire people to fight

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