Act 4/5 Macbeth

Armed Head? 1st apparition Tells Macbeth to be careful of Malcolm
A bloody child? 2nd apparition Tells Macbeth no child born of a woman shall kill him
A child crowned? 3rd apparition Says Macbeth wont die until Birnem Wood reaches Dusinare
Eight Kings? 4 apparition Says all children born of Banquo shall be king
What event in Act 4 was foreshadowed by Fleance’s escape in Act 3? the appearance of eight kings that all look like Banquo
When the 2nd witch announces, “Something wicked this way come,” she is referring to? Macbeth
Macduff has fled from his castle because he wants to join Malcolm’s forces to defeat Macbeth
At the end of Act 4, Macduff is filled w/ pain and guilt because he left his wife and children unprotected in Scotland
When Macbeth visits the witches, which visions convince him that he will not be defeated? the 2nd and 3rd apparitions
How does Lady Macduff react to the news that Macduff has fled to England? she feels betrayed, unprotected and angry
Why does Malcolm question Macduff’s loyalty? Because he fled and left his own family unprotected
Why has Ross come to Malcolm & Macduff in England? To tell them Macbeth is forming an army
What news does Ross have for Macduff? That Macbeth has killed Macduff’s family
ACT 5*************
Lady Macbeth is tormented by thoughts of? what she and Macbeth have done
You can infer that Lady Macbeth keeps a candle burning all night because darkness and sleep bring terrible nightmares
When Macbeth is told that Birnam wood is coming to Dunsinane, he begins to realize that he has been misled and tricked by the apparitions
At the end Macbeth realizes that, in keeping with the apparition’s prophecy, he will die because Macduff was not born by natural birth
Queen of Witches? Hecate
Unofficial 4th apparition? 8 Kings: all children of Banquo will be King
What apparition comes true first? 3rd apparition
How does Lady Macbeth become ill? She was mentally ill, felt like spirits were haunting her
What does Lady Macbeth do while sleep walking? Rubs her hands together; washes her hands
How do we know Macbeth is killed by Macduff? Macduff brings Macbeth’s head in on a pole
who is the last person Macbeth killed? Young Seaward
How does Lady Lady Macbeth die? she kills herself
In Act 4 why does Macbeth seek for the witches? he wants to know his faith, wants another prophecy
Which 2 people watch Lady Macbeth’s habits? Doctor and Nurse
Macbeth’s reaction to Lady Macbeth’s incurable sickness? he doesn’t care
Whose family does Macbeth order to be killed? Macduff’s
Where was Macduff when his family was being killed? In England, talking with Malcolm
What allows Macduff to kill Macbeth? born from sea section, not naturally born from a woman

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