Act 3 Romeo and Juliet Test

who did ms holbrook say act 3 was the turning point for? the protagonist (romeo)
in scene 1 benvolio says, “if we meet we shall not ‘scape a brawl.” what figurative language is this? foreshadowing
what is so ironic about the things that mercutio is saying about benvolio? (that he is hot headed and likes to quarrel) they are the opposite of benvolio’s personality
what does the word “zounds” mean? God’s wounds
tybalt calls mercutio “Romeo’s consort.” how does mercutio make that a play on words? he pretends to take it as “musician” and gets offended
back in those times, the word villain meant a … ? low, vulgar person
explain the situation of juxtaposition in scene 1 romeo comes in, he is blissfully happy while mercutio and tybalt are showing violence and hatred to one another
why does romeo keep telling tybalt he is fond of him? (in scene 1) tybalt is related to juliet (cousins) and now that romeo is married to juliet he respects her family
who fights tybalt first? mercutio
who kills mercutio? tybalt
who kills tybalt? romeo
what is romeo’s fate after he kills tybalt? he is banished from verona
what are the main things that mercutio keeps saying as he dies? “a plague on both your houses” and witty remarks with lots of puns
how was mercutio stabbed? romeo stepped in between tybalt and mercutio and tybalt stabbed mercutio under romeo’s outstretched arm
“and fiery-eyed fury be my conduct now” is meaning what about romeo? he will take revenge on mercutio’s death
what does benvolio’s monologue in scene 1 consist of him talking about? what happened at the fight; he was telling price escalus about it
when the nurse comes into juliet’s room crying, who does juliet assume has died? romeo
“then dreadful trumpet sound the general doom” is an allusion to what? the Bible
what is a cockatrice? (“…than the death-darting eye of cockatrice…”) an old mythical creature that can kill you just by looking into its gaze
“beautiful tyrant”, “fiend angelical”, “dove-feathered raven”, and “wolfish ravening lamb” are all examples of what? oxymorons
what is the cliche thing that nurse says about men? there is no faith, trust, or honesty in the hearts of men
what is “aqua vitae”? brandy
what did juliet say ‘romeo being banished’ was as bad as? slaying ten thousand tybalts
what does juliet say will take her virginity instead of romeo? death
where has romeo hidden? friar lawrence’s cell
what does juliet give nurse to give to romeo when she finds him? a ring
why is romeo not happy about being banished? he would rather be dead than live without juliet; death is more welcome than exile
what does romeo say can look upon juliet, while he cannot? “…every cat and dog and little mouse, every unworthy thing…”
what can flies do but romeo can’t? touch juliet’s hands and lips
why does friar lawrence get mad at romeo? romeo is overreacting and will not listen; he is being too immature and won’t let the friar speak
who starts knocking at the door of the friar’s cell? the nurse
what does nurse tell romeo to do? get up off of the floor and go be a man
“thy wild acts denote the unreasonable fury of a beast.” is said by friar lawrence to romeo and is an example of what figurative language? metaphor
what are the three reasons friar lawrence gives romeo to be happy? 1) juliet loves him 2) if he didn’t kill tybalt, tybalt would have killed him instead 3) price escalus could have had him killed instead of banished
where will romeo go in his exile? mantua
what promise does friar lawrence make to romeo as he leaves to go see juliet one last time? that he will send romeo’s servant to pass along news from verona to romeo
what offer does capulet make to paris in scene 4? paris will marry juliet on thursday (it is monday right now)
what has changed since the last time we read about paris and capulet talking to each other about marriage? capulet no longer gives juliet any thought or opinion on the matter, he just chooses for her without her knowing
why does capulet make the marriage decision? there has just been a death in the family (tybalt) and he thinks it will bring everyone (mainly his wife) great joy if they get married
which bird’s song signals daytime is near? lark
which bird’s song signals nighttime is approaching? nightingale
“jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops.” is what figurative language? personification
“tis but the pale reflex of cynthia’s brow.” is what figurative language? allusion-greek mythology (goddess of the moon)
why does nurse come running into juliet’s room? her mother is about to come in her room and inform her about the wedding
when romeo goes out of juliet’s window, what does she think he looks like? dead and pale…”as one dead in the bottom of a tomb, either my eyesight fails, or thou look’st pale.”
what wise observation about wit does lady capulet tell juliet? “some grief shows much of love, but much of grief shows still some want of wit.”
what is juliet trying to do to lady capulet with all of her ‘play-on-words’ that are shown in the second part of scene 5? mislead her into thinking that she despises romeo but in reality she loves him; she cleverly uses verbal irony to make sure her mother is clueless
when and where is juliet and paris’s wedding supposed to be held? thursday at Saint Peter’s Chapel
what is juliet’s reaction to the news of her wedding? she is angry, sad, and says no
what does capulet compare juliet to(extended metaphor)? (because she has been crying so much-her dad is so mean to her and this is just the beginning hahah) a rainspout
“for still thy eyes, which i may call the sea, do ebb and flow with tears.” what kind of figurative language is this? metaphor
capulet calls juliet “tallow-face”. what is this? a coward
what does juliet try to say to her father concerning the proposal? she is thankful that he was looking out for her and caring for her, even though she hates the idea of it.
what does capulet threaten to do if juliet does not get to the church on thursday? never look her in the face or talk to her again
what does capulet call nurse sarcastically when she tries to tell him that he is in the wrong, not juliet? “Lady Wisdom”
“you are too hot.” said by lady capulet and means what? her husband is too worked up over juliet’s refusal of the marriage
what does “a whining mammet” mean? (capulet says this about juliet) a crybaby
what does capulet also treaten to do if juliet refuses to marry paris? let her beg, starve, and die on the streets
“…make the bridal bed in that dim monument where tybalt lies.” what does this mean and what figurative language is this? it means let her die instead of marry; foreshadowing
what does nurse say when juliet asks for her advice about how to prevent her marriage to paris? she says since romeo is banished, it would be wiser and more in her favor to marry paris. she said that paris is a great man and better than romeo. since juliet wont have any contact with romeo he is as good as dead.
what is another one of the many examples of impulsiveness and immaturity juliet exemplifies in scene 5? she lies to nurse and says she will go to friar lawrence to confess her sins (against her father). she is really going to ask him how to prevent the marriage with paris, and if he cant, she will kill herself.
random benvolio facts/personality traits voice of reason, reliable source, everyone trusts him, peacemaker
random mecutio facts/personality traits carefree, everything is a joke, doesn’t think before he speaks
what does the phrase “by my heel” mean? “by hell”
what was considered a derogatory word back then? “boy”
what is an allusion to Reynard the Fox in scene 1? “king of cats” and “rat-catcher”
random tybalt facts/personality traits stubborn, impulsive, wont back down/prideful
in scene 1, why does no one realize that mercutio’s wound is fatal? he keeps talking/acting witty and manly about it (not about to let his reputation go down)
what/who does romeo blame for his ‘cowardly’ actions and not standing up against tybalt? (allowing mercutio to take his place and fight) juliet. he says her love blinded him and made him weak
“this day’s black fate on more days doth depend:…” what is this an example of? alliteration
Prince: “mercy but murders, ________ing those that kill.” (to _______ murder is to encourage it) pardon
what is a bier? a funeral thing that bodies were laid upon to be burned
what is romeo’s plan once he leaves friar lawrence’s cell for the final time? to 1) go comfort juliet 2) go to mantula and hide out 3) come back to verona when everything has settled down and maybe the price will grant him freedom again
juliet is trying to stall and wants romeo to stay in her room longer in scene 5. what does she try to pretend the sun is to say that daytime hasnt really come? a meteor that has lost its path
“more light and light: more dark and dark our woes.” said by romeo, what figurative language is this? foreshadowing
what is something lady capulet said to juliet in scene 5 that goes against her normal character? “you find the means, and ill find the man.” (meaning she will find somebody to take poison to romeo while he is in exile)
“when the sun sets the earth doth drizzle dew…” is what type of figurative language? alliteration
how does scene 5 end?? with juliet basically cutting off the nurse from her sharing of secrets and friendship bond and saying she will go visit friar lawrence for his help.
Who is this quote spoken to? “Go villain, fetch a surgeon.” Mercutio’s page
Who said “benvolio, who began this bloody fray?”? Prince Escalus
Who is this about? “His fault concludes but what the law should end, the life of tybalt.” Romeo
Who is this about? “What devil art thou dost torment me thus?” Nurse (said by Juliet)
Who is this about? “A damned Saint, an honorable villain!” Romeo
Who is this said to? “O, thou wilt speak again of banishment.” Friar lawrence
who says this? “Ah sir, ah sir, death’s the end of all.” Nurse
“Why should you fall into so deep an O?” the ‘O’ in this sentence means what? a hole
“who says “Thy noble shape is but a form of wax digressing from the valour of a man…”? friar lawrence
who says “These times of woe afford no times to woo.”? paris
who is capulet saying this to? “Go you to juliet ere you go to bed…” lady capulet
who says “Yond light is not daylight, i know it, i.”? juliet
why was romeo not aware that tybalt was insulting him? (scene 1) he was too busy thinking about juliet and he was in his own world ( like spencer is in english 😉 )
what is the main reason tybalt wishes to fight romeo? simply the fact that he is a montague
what is the difference between being punished for something and being responsible for something? (we talked about this in honors 5th so idk i just thought to add it lol) being punished is actively doing something wrong and paying the conseuences; being responsible is when you do/dont do something ‘behind the scenes’ that affected something in the long run but no one realizes you did it

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