Act 3 romeo and Juliet

Mercutio Says the montagues and capulets fight for silly reasons
Tybalt Is looking for romeo because he wants to fence him
Mercutio and tybalt Fence first
Romeo Jumps between the fence fight
Tybalt Stabs mercutio under romeos arm
“My love for Juliet has made me a feminine” Romeo means that he has become weaker and softer
Romeo Gets in a fence fight with tybalt
Romeo Kills tybalt
Benvolio Tells romeo to get out when he kills tybalt
Forceful, honest, and sincere I’m benvolios monologue describing the events of the killings to the prince, he is….
Lady capulet Says Romeo must die
Prince Banishes Romeo from verona
Consequence for coming back to verona Romeo will be killed
Juliet Anxiously awaits her wedding night
Patience, love, and joy Tone of juliets soliloquy as she awaits her wedding night is filled with…
Juliet Thinks Romeo is dead when the nurse tells her what happened
Confused, defensive, and caring Tone of juliets monologue following tybalts death is…
Friar lawrence Tries to comfort romeo
Overflowing with despair and self-pity Romeos monologue after being sentenced to banishment is….
Disturbed, forgiving, and encouraging Friars mood when speaking to Romeo is…
Romeo Threatens to stab himself
Nurse Grabs knife from romeo
Juliet Gives nurse her ring to give to romeo to show forgiveness
Gallant Brave and noble
Gallant “That _____ spirit hath aspired the clouds…”
Fray Noisy fight
Fray “Where are the vile beginners of this____?”
Martial Military
Martial “And, with a _____ scorn, with one hand beats cold death aside…”
Agile Quick and easy of movement
Agile “His ____ arm beats down their fatal points….”
Exile Banish
Exile “Immediately we do ____ him hence…”
Tedious Tiresome and boring
Tedious “So ____ is this day…”
Eloquence Speech that is vivid, forceful, graceful, and persuasive
Eloquence “But romeos name speaks heavenly ____…”
Fickle Changeable
Fickle “If thou art ____, what dost thou…”
Abhors Detests, intensely dislikes
Abhors “O how my heart ____ to hear him”
Monologue Addressed to other characters, not the audience
Soliloquy A speech in which a character, alone on stage, expresses his/her thoughts directly to the audience
Aside A brief remark, unheard by the other characters on stage, from a character to the audience
Two Differences between a soliloquy and aside
Soliloquy Lengthy speech
aside Brief
Let the audience know what a character is really thinking or feeling Purpose of soliloquy and aside
Reveal character, disclose motives, /and advance the plot Reason Shakespeare use some soliloquies and asides
Capulet Postpones wedding till Thursday
He doesn’t want it to be too close to tybalts death day Why does capulet postpone the wedding of Juliet and paris till thursday
Small Will Juliets and Paris wedding be big or small
Means something different to one another What happens when Juliet and her mom talk about tybalts death
Romeo and juliet Leave each otjer
Juliet Refuses to marry paris
Capulet Flips out because Juliet is a defiant in marrying paris
Capulet Says they’ll disown Juliet if she doesn’t marry paris
Nurse Defends Juliet from capulet
Capulet Says he’ll fire the nurse
Nurse Changes to capulets side
Means Julie flies to the nurse and says this, goes to friar for something else “Tell my parents I am going to friar lawrences cell to ask forgiveness for my sins”
Juliet Gives a soliloquy at friar lawrences cell
Romeo feels he is a victim of fate “O, I am fortunes fool”
Juliets alive, he is alive, and he has only been banished, not sentenced to death What does friar tell Romeo he is fortunate for
Because Romeo killed tybalt who killed someone also (mercutio) Why doesn’t esculas sentence Romeo to death

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