Act 3- Macbeth

When is the climax in Macbeth (as in all of Shakespeare’s plays)? Act 3
climax tragic hero starts his downfall
How is Banquo suspicious of Macbeth? he is saying how Macbeth has everything now but it happened to quickly, he probably cheated
Why does Macbeth ask Banquo about his riding today? to see where and how far he is going because he need to know to be able to kill him
What ironic thing does Macbeth say to Banquo and why is it ironic? he says “don’t forget to come to my party” knowing he is going to be killed and won’t get there
Who else does Macbeth want to know where he is going to be? Fleance
Why does Macbeth want to kill Fleance? he needs to kill him too for he is predicted to be king
Soliloquy #3 theme: killing of Banquo
In his soliloquy, what does Macbeth say about Banquo? that he is smart and will eventually find out what has gone on
Is Macbeth afraid of Banquo? yes he is afraid of Banquo mentally
Macbeth doesn’t/can’t have… any heirs to the thrown
Why is Macbeth annoyed with himself in soliloquy #3? for going through the trouble to kill Duncan and he doesn’t even have a son to secede him
What are the three murderers Macbeth has hired like? they are dumb and haven’t succeeded in life
What does Macbeth tell the murderers to get them mad at Banquo? he tells them that Banquo is the reason they haven’t succeeded in life
Why does Macbeth want the murderers mad at Banquo? so that they get mad and want to kill Banquo on their own so Macbeth can say it wasn’t him
What does Macbeth keep saying to the murderers? are you even men? are you going to let go what Banquo did to you?
What do the murderers finally say to Macbeth? we have nothing to lose, we could kill Banquo
What does Macbeth say to the murderers that is ironic and why is it ironic? he says if you are going to kill Banquo and Fleance, do it cleanly (ironic: Macbeth didn’t kill Duncan cleanly, he took the daggers out of the room)
“Nought’s had, all’s spent, where our desire is got without consent: tis safer to be that which we destroy than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy” said by: Lady Macbethmeaning: she is not happy as queen and its better to be dead than live in fear of being caught for what they have done
Where does the change in Lady Macbeth start? in her big quote where she reveals her true feelings
Does Macbeth know how Lady Macbeth feels? no
What does Lady Macbeth say to Macbeth instead of her true feelings? “whats done is done” because if she says her true feelings than they will both fall apart, she needs to be strong
“better be with the dead whom we, to gain our peace, have sent to peace, than on the torture of the mind to lie in restless ecstasy” said by: Macbethmeaning: it is better for Lady Macbeth and Macbeth to be dead with Duncan’s guards than to be king and queen because Macbeth can’t sleep or pray and he is anxious
What are Lady Macbeth and Macbeth both saying in their minds? they feel the same way but the communication has completely broken down between husband and wife
What does Lady Macbeth do to lift their spirits? remind them of their party tonight
What ironic thing does Macbeth say to Lady Macbeth before the party? “make sure you are nice to Banquo tonight” knowing he is going to be dead
“O full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife!” said by: Macbethmeaning: his mind is poisoned; evil is there
What line of foreshadowing does Macbeth say about Banquo’s murder? “there should be done a deed of dreadful hate”
Right before Lady Macbeth and Macbeth go to the party he has a chance to tell her about the murder he planned, does he? no; no communication
Who do the three murderers kill? Banquo but Fleance escapes
What does the first murderer tell Macbeth? he goes to the palace to tell him how Banquo is dead but Fleance got away
How did the murderer enter the palace? not drawing attention to himself
How was Banquo killed? he was stabbed 20 times in the head
Ghost of Banquo different character than Banquo, sits in Macbeth’s place at the dinner party
Who can see the Ghost of Banquo? only Macbeth, everyone else sees an empty seat
What is ironic DURING the dinner party that Macbeth does? he tells everyone how he hopes banquo is alright because he didn’t show up
What do people think when Macbeth starts to talk to the Ghost of Banquo? that Macbeth is talking to himself
What does Macbeth talk to the Ghost of Banquo about? how it isn’t his fault that Banquo is dead
What do people think of Macbeth when he starts to act crazy during the Ghost of Banquo scene? he is not well
Why does Lady Macbeth intervene when Macbeth is talking to the Ghost of Banquo? because she knows Macbeth isn’t acting right but doesn’t know why so she has to make everything okay before he says something he shouldn’t
What does Lady Macbeth say about Macbeth talking to the Ghost of Banquo? stuff like this has been happening for a while but Macbeth is fine
What does Lady Macbeth say to Macbeth during the Ghost of Banquo scene? attack Macbeth’s manhood and says that there is no one in the chair
What does Macbeth say about killing people regarding the Ghost of Banquo? he points to the chair and say how in the old days if you kill a man he stays dead but now they rise
What does Macbeth finally say in the Ghost of Banquo scene? that sometimes he gets like this, it isn’t the first time
What does everyone do at the dinner party that is ironic? toasts to banquo
Why is Lady Macbeth pissed at Macbeth at the dinner party? his outburst about the Ghost of Banquo has ruined the party
What is the Ghost of Banquo doing and how is Macbeth reacting? the Ghost enters and exits the dinner party and every time it enters Macbeth freaks out and he is sane when it leaves
What does Macbeth almost say but doesn’t because Lady Macbeth jumps in? he almost calls the ghost the Ghost of Banquo
Why does Lady Macbeth end the party? because God only knows what Macbeth might say if the party goes on
Who didn’t show up at the dinner party? MacDuff, now the second time he has disrespected Macbeth, Macbeth isn’t happy
Who is Macbeth going to seek out? the witches, to see what is next
“I am in blood stepped in so far that, should I wade no more returning were as tedious as go over” Said By: MacbethMeaning: He is in too deep that even if he were to stop now it wouldn’t matter, he needs to keep going
What is the climax of “Macbeth”? the banquet scene when Macbeth sees the Ghost of Banquo
What does Macbeth mean when he says “in deed”? that there is still things he has to do, he is not done
What is MacDuff doing? he is going to England to team up with Malcolm and Siward to overthrow Macbeth
Siward commander of the English forces
What kind of king is Macbeth? a terrible king, a tyrant, he has no forces to fight for him
“Our suffering country under a hand accursed” Said By: LennoxMeaning: things are bad under Macbeth

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