Act 3 – Julius Caesar

1. At the beginning of Act III, the conspirators gather around Caesar and ask him to pardon someone. How does Caesar answer them? proudly and resolutely
2. What is the real reason that the conspirators gather around Caesar at the beginning of Act III? They are about to kill him.
3. In scene i, Antony speaks to the conspirators immediately after Caesar’s murder. What does he say at that moment? If the conspirators plan to kill him, he says he will accept his death at their hands.
4. In scene i, Antony is alone on stage with Caesar’s body as he delivers a dramatic speech. What is the name for this kind of speech? soliloquy
5. Antony delivers a speech in which he says that Caesar’s wounds “beg” him to do something. What do they beg him to do? get revenge for Caesar’s death
Brutus is first to speak at Caesar’s funeral. Which answer choice best describes the feelings he expresses? sincere
7. Which kind of speech does Antony deliver at Caesar’s funeral? monologue
9. In scene ii, Antony describes Caesar’s wounds as “poor poor dumb mouths.” What does this imagery suggest? Caesar, who has been murdered, cannot speak in his own defense.
10. Which answer choice most accurately restates Antony’s meaning in the following lines from scene ii? I am no orator, as Brutus is… But were I Brutus, And Brutus Antony, there were an Antony Would ruffle up your spirits, and put a tongue In every wound of Caesar’s that should move The stones of Rome to rise and mutiny. If I were as great a speaker as Brutus, I could convince you to seek vengeance for Caesar’s death.
11. At the end of Act III, why does a group of plebeians attack Cinna, the poet? He has the same name as one of the conspirators. 12.
12. What impression of the plebeians does Shakespeare give in Act III? They are easily manipulated.

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