Act 2: Scene 1 and 2 of Julius Caesar Q&A

What is the setting of Act 2, Scene 1? (date,time,place) March 15; 3:00 am; in Brutus’ orchard (house)
What reasons does Brutus have for thinking that Caesar should be killed even though Caesar has not done anything wrong yet? -He might become power hungry-He might become high minded
What letter does Lucius bring to Brutus? What does it say? The letter from the conspirators wanting him to join the conspiracy
How are Cassius and Brutus related? They are brothers-in-law
Why is it suggested that Cicero not be asked to join the conspiracy? He’s stubborn
Why does Brutus say that the conspirators should not kill Antony? -He’s useless without Caesar-He’ll probably die the way he’s living
Why does Portia suspect that something is wrong with Brutus? He doesn’t eat, sleep, or talk
What reason does Brutus give Portia for his strange behavior? He doesn’t feel well
Portia tries to convince Brutus to tell her his secret. How does she try to convince him? Make him feel sad about him not acting as a husband
Who comes to see Brutus at the end of scene 1? Why does Brutus want to talk to him? Ligarius; To get him in the conspiracy
In scene 2, who else has had trouble sleeping? Why? Caesar; Calpurnia has cried in her sleep 3 times that someone murdered Caesar
What does Calpurnia want to convince Caesar to do? What are her reasons? To stay home; the gods are sending her signs in her dreams and through the storm that it’s too dangerous
Who arrives at Caesar’s house? Why is he there? Decius Brutus; to escort Caesar to the senate-house
What is Calpurnia’s dream? How does Decius interpret it? that Caesar got murdered; Rome’s going to experience a revival under Caesar
Identify an instance of dramatic irony at the end of scene 2? Caesar talks to the conspirators as if they are his friends

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