What duty has Mary Warren been performing in Salem? she has been performing the duty of serving on the court
What does Elizabeth Proctor report to her husband about the trials in salem? What does she urge John to do? she tells him that 14 people are in jail and they are begining to hang them. Elizabeth urges John to tell the jury what Abigail told him
What gift does Mary Warren present to Elizabeth? a poppet
What ominous revelation does Mary Warren amke about Elizabeths reputation? How does this disclosure serve to make the quarrel between elizabeth and john more heated? Mary Warren tells Elizabeth that she was mentioned in the court. This makes Elizabeth urge John more to tell the court the truth Abigail told him
What are some of the ways in which John Hale questions Proctor and his wife about their religous faith? John Hale questions proctor and his wife about why they haven’t been to church, why their last child isn’t baptized and to list the Ten Commandments. Proctor states the ten commandments and forgets adultery, he says he doesn’t like church becaUse the golden candlesticks disrupt his prayer, and they refuse to have Paris touch their children
What does Elizabeth admit and how does it complicate the situation she does not believe in witchcraft which is in the bible meaning she doesnt belive the bible.
what conflict does John proctor face at the end of Act 2 John Proctor is torn because he needs to speak out against Abigail, it’s the right thing to do according to his moral code. He also knows that if he does, she will reveal that they had an affair to everyone and his reputation will be ruined
Mary’s gift of a poppet to Elizabeth dramtic irony, the audience is aware elizabeth has a doll
The one commandment of ten that John can’t remember dramatic irony
proctors statement about Abigail at the end of the act verbal irony
how does Act 3 begin Martha Corey’s hearing, being questioned by Harthorne
How do the girls make Mary Warren look guilty by repeating everything she says
which characters foil one another? proctor and hale
how is irony used in the play …irony is used in the play to create tension and anxitey
which character has changed the most In the beginning of the play, Hale felt there was a possibility of witchcraft in Salem. It was upon further investigation that he found inconsistencies in the girls’ stories which made him believe their was a sinister side of those in Salem and it had nothing to do with the supernatural
“is it winter in here yet” proctor to Elizabeth while they are arguing
“I will fall like an ocean in this court” proctor to Elizabeth when they took Elizabeth
“you were alone with her” Elizabeth to proctor when she urges John to tell the court what Abigail told her
“I come into court when i come into this house” proctor to Elizabeth while she judges John for the affair
“peace judge hathorne do you know who I am, Minister Nurse?” Danforth to Mister Nurse
“I may shut my conscious to it no more–private vengeance is working through this testimony” Hale to danforth
explain relationship between Elizabeth and John has changed from the first time we see them together in act 2 to the end of act 3 at first they are arguing and rude to one another and at the end they are lying to keep each other safe
“oh god” Elizabeth when she finds out John confessed

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