Act 1: vocabulary Romeo and Juliet

Augement Definition: to increase or intensifyExample: The decision will augment existing laws against incitement to criminal offenses.
adversary Definition: opponent, foe, enemy.Example: He knew his adversary’s overall military capability.
chaste Definition: virtuous, decent, pure in style or manner, virginalExample: In his personal conduct he was chaste, temperate and sincerely pious.
exquisite Definition:of special beauty or charm.Example: They healed fast and brought exquisite little pricks of pleasure.
forfeit Definition: fine, penaltyExample: The latter is the forfeit usually named in the contract for his repudiation of her.
grievance Definition: problem causing resentment or complaintExample: The alleged grievance was, however, exploited to the utmost extent by the Nationalist party.
pernicious Definition: harmful, destructive, lethal.Example: He had pernicious anemia at age 49 years.
warrant Definition:to give adequate reasons forExample: Only they can’t get a search warrant and no owners, no permission.
purge Definition: cleanse, forgive, absolve.Example: The oil will purge when rubbed into the skin or injected per rectum.
solemnity Definition: being formal, dignifiedExample: Humor will break up the solemnity of an occasion, or provide a welcome moment of light relief.

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