Act 1: The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Prospero -protagonist-the right Duke of Milan, Italy-Powerful bc of Staff
Miranda -Prospero’s daughter
Caliban -a savage and deformed slave-half human son of the with Sycorax
Ariel -fairy-obeys Prospero because owes him alot
Gonzalo -an honest old counselor-helped Prospero and Miranda survive
Ferdinand -son to the King of Naples
Boatswain -low ranking officer
Alonso -King of Naples
Antonio -Prospero’s brother-the reason why Prospero and Miranda are on the island
Sebastian -Alonso’s brother
Master – Captain of the boat
perfidious unfaithful and dishonest
treacherous not trustworthy
usurp -take over without authority
suffix -ous -full of- characterized-having the quality of
Shakespeare Romance Elements -magical or supernatural events-a subplot with younger characters-a protagonist who is an older man-characters from various social classes, from workers to the aristocracy-dark feelings with a bit of violence
Aside -brief remark delivered to express private thoughts
Francisco -nobleman
subplot a minor, less important plot that drives the central plot

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