ACT 1 ROMEO AND JULIET quotes and literary terms

Chorus- “two houses both alike in dignity…..our toil shall strive to mend Foreshadowing and dramatic irony gives hints or clues of what is to come in the actionthe audience knows more then the characters about what is going to happen audience is more attentive
Sampson to Greg, “we’ll not carry coals….we should be coilers….if we be in choler.. draw your neck out of your collar”Puns shows the servants in a battle of puns- introduces the idea of fighting/feudacts as a comic relief in contrast to the heavy themed prologue
Sampson to Greg, “Ay the heads of the maids, or their maidenheads”pun shows the servants in a battle of sexual puns references to a crude form of love and sexsexual puns introduce the theme of sexual realism in the play
Tybalt to Benvolio”What drawn and talk of peace” I Hate the word, all montages and you”characterizations introduces the character of Tybaly, shows the audience he is angry and easily drawn to violenceshows his fiery temper
Prince to everyone”If you disturb the peace again your lives will be the price”foreshadowing suggests what will happen in the playimportance to the plot; reveals the consequences of future fights
Romeo: O brawling love, loving hate oxymoron uses oxymorons to startle the reader and to convey how they feel to have mixed emotions shows us the state of his mineconfused, lost, vague, and melancholy
Love is smoke raised with the fume of sighs, being purged a fire sparkling in the lowers eyes romeometaphor compares two unlike things to create an image quote reveals romeo a bit dramatic feels poor about love
Romeo: “she will not be hit with cupid’s arrow but Diana’s wit” reference to mythology, Diana (roman goddess of hunting and chastityexplains that the women he wants can not be seduced like Diana WAS BY Jupiter
“If he be married, My bed is like to be my grave”Juliet to the nurse foreshadowingdramatic ironySimile even before she learns Romeo’s name she has already foreshadowed her own deaththe action of the play is supposed to be tun one way but turns out another Juliet compares her wedding bed to her grave
Romeo about Juliet “It seems she hangs upon the cheeks of night like a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s earsimile compares two dissimilar things using likecomparing Juliet’s beauty to a jewelshows the he is still in love with love but now he is in love with Juliet
“If I profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, MY lips to blushing pilgrims”Romeo to Juliet romeo uses the comparison of a pilgrim going to a shrine to show his devotion to Julietthe religious imagery is brought about Romeo’s costume and serves to make the ideal love of the two pure and sacred
If look to like if looking like to move repetition of sounds used for emphasis

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