Act 1 Romeo and Juliet Questions

How is Tybalt’s personality different from Benvolio’s? Find a line to suggest he wants the feud between the families to continue. Scene 1 page 13 line 70 ” What drawn and talk of peace? I hate that word” Tybalt is saying that he hates peace and would rather see violence.
Who is Prince Escalus? What lines indicate his feelings about the feud? Prince is escalus is the leader Verona. On lines 83- 90 he stating that you need to stop fighting and put down your weapons.
What information is Benvolio able to get from Romeo? He depressed because romeo likes a girl but she doesn’t like him back.
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo? What is Romeo’s reaction? There are more girls out there. That know one can replace her.
What kind of friend is Benvolio? How do you know? Romeo considered his friend as a cousin to him. Because Romeo can talk about his problems in front of him.
Benvolio and the Montagues are concerned about Romeo? Explain why. Because he’s been acting depressed lately he has been sighing more often than not and locking himself in his room and crying all.
How does Lord Capulet feel about a feud at this time in his life? That he is too old to be doing this kind of thing
Why has Paris come to see Lord Capulet? To ask for Juliet’s hand in marriage.
How old is Juliet? Thirteen
What is Capulet’s ready reply to Paris? he needs to wait 2 more years till she’s ripe enough for marriage but he need to win her heart.
Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the Capulet’s party? Why does Romeo agree to go? Benvolio wants Romeo to go to the party so he can find another woman. Romeo only agrees to cause the girl he likes is going too.
What happened to Nurse’s daughter? She died from an earthquake
What purpose do the Nurse’s ramblings about Juliet serve? As comic releif
How does Juliet feel about getting married? She hasn’t thought about it but she would be honored to
Would it be a compliment to be called a “man of wax”? Explain. yes it would be a compliment because back then that meant you were hot
Find a line that describes Romeo’s mood as he and his friends go to the party. What device was Shakespeare using when he compared “sole” and “soul?” The literary device is a pun
What does Mercutio think of dreams? He thinks dreams are lies
From Romeo’s speech do you think the Elizabethans believed people had control over their lives or that Fate had things all planned out? The Elizabethan people believed that Fate had control over their lives
Tybalt’s anger at the presence of a Montague bears out the hot-tempered nature of his character. what action he would like to take. he would want to strike him right down
What does Lord Capulet’s acceptance of Romeo’s presence tell you about him? That he has a good reputation and considers him as a son.
What kind of reputation does Romeo have? He has a good reputation with the city of verona .

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