Act 1 Romeo and Juliet ELA study guide

Introduce conflict. What conflict is introduced? The capulets and monteques have a family fued
Establish an atmosphere. What is the atmosphere? Ancient gruage at. Fated
What does the chorus ask the audience to have? To be paticante
Describe the tempo or pace and length of the play? 2 hours long, speedy tempo
Act 1 scene 1 setting? Market place Verona
Find an example of a pun from the opening of scene 1? Collar, Collier
What is the immediate cause of this fight in the opening scene? Monteques bites his thumb
What is the long term problem behind this immediate cause? Ancient gruage
What happens when Benvolio tries to stop the fight? Tybalt enters and starts it again
Prince Escalus enters. What is his emotion? He is angry because these fights have happened before
How many times does the prince say the 2 families feud has disturbed the peace of Verona? 3 Times
What is his decree about these ongoing street fights? You fight again you die
Who tells Montague about how the brawl started? Benvolio
Where is Romeo at night and where does he go in the morning? What emotion is Romeo feeling and how would you describe Benvolio friendship with Romeo? He’s sad about Rosaline. He is freinds with Benvolio – supportive
What quality or characteristic of Rosaline does Romeo talk most about? Her beauty
What does Benvolio tell Romeo to do with his eyes regarding other beauties? Look at them
Scene 2 setting? Capulet house
What words does Paris use to describe the reputation of capulet and monteques? Honorable
How does Paris feel about the feud? Sorry that it happened
How old must Juliet be before she can marry? 15
What observation does Paris make about the marrying age of many young women? Happy mother’s
Why is capulet so protective of his daughter? His only daughter
Who wants to marry Juliet? Count Paris
What invitation does capulet give to Paris about his party? Paris
Name 2 metaphors capulet uses to describe attractive women who are attending the party? Earth trending starts, fresh flower buds
When Benvolio and Romeo enter, he is giving Romeo advice, about what? He needs to forgot about Rosaline and find a new girl
Romeo encounters an illiterate servant. What does the servant ask Romeo to do for him? Help him read the invitation list
Who’s name is on the guest list? Rosaline
What invitation does the servant give to Romeo? Invitation to the party
Who is Benvolio describing as a swan and a crow? Rosaline
Scene 3 setting? Capulets house, Lady Capulet room
How does the nurse feel about Juliet, what is the 2 pet names she called her? Lamb and ladybird, nurse loves her
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how her disposition stands on marriage, what is Juliet’s response? She will honor it
List three metaphors used to describe Paris? Man of wax, flower, book of love
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet if she can like the love of Paris, what is Juliet’s response? She will try to like them , but she won’t let herself fall in love
Scene 4 setting? Verona, the street at night
Describe Romeos emotions? Romeo doesn’t want to go in the capulet house and he sad
Give 2 puns from Romeo and Mercutio’s conversation? Soul and sour
Romeo does not want to dance, instead what does he say he will do and carry? Carry and touch and watch the dance
What is the topic of Mercutio’s dream he describes? Queen Mab, fairy, dreams about love
What is Romeos reaction to the dream after Mercutio finish’s describing it? He talks of nothing
What can you infer about Mercutio by his lengthy description of this dream? Wild imagination
What does Romeo fear? He will die by the end of this night
Scene 5 setting? Capulet house again
Romeo is holding the torch and hoping to get a glimpse of Rosaline, why? To see her beauty
Why are Romeo and his companions greeted courteously as soon as they enter? Lord capulet is distracted talking to people
What does lord capulet encourage everyone to do? Have fun
What was Romeos first lime at the capulet party, who does he refer she to? What lady that which doth enrich the hand of yonder knight, Juliet
What 2 metaphors does Romeo use to describe the women? Rich jewel and dove
Tybalt recognizes Romeos voice, what did Romeo just say? For I neither saw true beauty till this night
What act by Tybalt has an argument between him and lord capulet? He wants to fight Romeo, “get my sword”
Why does capulet say he doesn’t not want Romeo to be harmed? He’s a gentleman and not doing anything
What does Tybalt continue to insist upon? Wants Romeo to leave
What is capulets reaction to tybalts insistence? We don’t need to fight, Tybalt will die if he starts
What name does he call Tybalt? Saucy boy and cock a hoop
Tybalt leaves, what does he warn? Don’t blame him he did nothing wrong
When Romeo and Juliet meet, how do they treat each other? Respectful towards each other
How does Romeo find out Juliet is a capulet? He asked nurse
What is Juliet’s reaction when she finds out Romeo is a Montague? She rather die than anyone else
Why does Juliet ask the nurse the names of a few men who are leaving the party? To get nurse confused who she liked from the boys that left

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