Act 1-Romeo and Juliet

How does Shakespeare start the play so that he gains the attention of the “common people” in the audience? fighting and inappropriate jokes
Mark lines 59-60. Our first introduction to Benvolio comes when he says these words. What do they reveal about his character? benvolio is a peace maker and well respected
Mark lines 61-62. Our first impression of Tybalt occurs in these lines. What do we learn about his character? tybalt hates the montesques and he loves 2 fight
Copy lines 91-92. What is the tone of the Prince’s speech? In these lines he makes a new decree. What is it, and why is it important? serious and angry tone; whoever starts another fight will be put 2 death
When we first see Romeo, he shows all the signs of a Petrarchan Lover- someone who is in love with the idea of being in love. How does Romeo act? (Lines 156-190)? romeo is depressed and miserable and sullen
When describing his feelings to Benvolio, Romeo uses oxymorons- pair of contradictory words (Ex. “cold fire”) in lines 171-176. Why might he speak in contradictions and paradoxes? he is confused about love, he doesn’t know how to feel about it
We then learn that Romeo is suffering from unrequited love – he loves someone who does not love him back. What suggestion does Benvolio make to Romeo to help him get over his unrequited love for Rosaline? (lines 221-223)? benvolio tells him 2 forget about rosaline and find another girl bc there are many other beautiful women 2 choose from
In this scene, Lord Capulet talks to Count Paris about marrying Juliet; what two reasons does he give for NOT wanting Juliet to marry at this time (lines 8-14)? shes to young, also lord capulet wants juliet 2 have a say in who she chooses as a husband
Look at lines 16-19; on what condition will Capulet allow Juliet to marry? capulet says that paris must win juliets heart b4 capulet will approve the marriage
What does this reveal about his love for Juliet (and this will be important/ironic later)? he is protective and cares about her feelings. he also trusts her judgement
By chance (or fate?) Romeo learns that Rosaline, the girl he loves, will be at the Capulet party; why is Benvolio excited by this? What is his plan (lines 80-85)? benvelio wants 2 show romeo other beautiful women in verona 2 show him that there are some more beautiful than rosaline
Why does Romeo agree to go to the party? he wants 2 be able 2 see rosaline
What theme(s) is/are being developed in this scene? chance/fate; love
What is the nurse’s relationship with Juliet? Her personality? the nurse is the closest person 2 juliet, she has raised her and is juliet’s bff. the nurse is a character who provides comic relief. she is talkative and crude.
In lines 61-62, what is the nurse’s wish for Juliet? Lady Capulet’s? the nurse wants to see juliet get married. Lady capulet wants her 2 marry someone of nobility, and she feels that juliet is old enough to get married and wants her 2 consider paris
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet about marriage, what is her answer? What does this reveal about her? How is her feeling about marriage/ romance different from Romeo? “it’s an honor that I dream not of”. She is very respectful 2 her mother. romeo is in love with the idea of being in love. juliet is not ready to consider love
Lady Capulet’s speech in lines 79-94 create a conceit, an extended metaphor; she compares him to a book that needs to be bound. Why does Lady Capulet believe Paris to be a good match for Juliet? What is her attitude about love and marriage? paris is noble/ wealthy . he was also handsome, mature, and equal status 2 the capulets. lady capulet believes that she will gain much from getting married, including having children. however she never speaks of love.
Lines 97-99 reveal a lot about Juliet and her knowledge of love; what do these lines reveal about Juliet? she says she will try to like paris and see if she falls 4 him. she is also very compliant, agreeable, and a rule follower
Why is Romeo uneasy about going to the Capulet party (lines 106-11)? This is foreshadowing, a hint/clue to something that will be important later. foreshadowing, a hint/clue 2 something that will be important later. he is worried that if he goes 2 the party, something will happen that will result in his death.
How does this emphasize the Elizabethan feeling on astrology/superstition? they believed that the stars controlled their fate. if the stars were aligned correctly, things would go well. if not, the star crossed lovers lives would be tragic or fatal. their lives were based on fate.
What decision does Romeo make in lines 112-113? Why is this an important thematic decision? he decides 2 let the stars control his fate and allow things 2 happen as they should
Romeo’s soliloquy reveals that he is immediately love struck by Juliet; paraphrase his speech (lines 42-51). To what does he compare her? romeo compares juliet 2 a bright light. when the song is over, he will touch her hand. he says that he has never seen anyone as beautiful as juliet
How is this speech different than his former speech on his love for Rosaline? What does this reveal about Romeo’s maturity concerning love? he doesn’t spend much time talking about rosaline’s beauty. he doesn’t compare her 2 anything but discusses the fact that she doesn’t want 2 get married. once again, he is basing love on looks. he still has a long way 2 go w/ maturity.
Tybalt (Juliet’s hot-headed cousin) recognizes Romeo’s voice and wants to fight; what two reasons does Capulet give to stop him (63-72)? romeo is well behaved and a gentlemen. he is also thought highly of in verona.
In lines 87-90, what is Tybalt’s threat (this will be important later)? tybalt vows 2 get revenge on romeo later 4 crashing the party.
Lines 91-105 form a sonnet, a 14 line poem similar to the prologue; paraphrase the speech. romeo tells juliet that they should use lips like the hangs of pilgrims who pray. when they kiss, he says that juliet has taken his sin w/ the kiss. he then asks 2 take the sin back and they kiss again.
Dramatic irony (when the audience knows something the characters do not) appears in line 133; what is ironic about Juliet’s line? the marriage of romeo and juliet results in the death of both of them.

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