act 1 romeo and juliet

What does “fatal” mean? Two meanings… What double meaning does “fatal” have in the context of the prologue? Fatal means causing death or leading to misfortune, failure. These meanings relate to the characters because of the fights that lead to fatal outcomes. Fatal failures come from a lack of maturity. This describes what happens to the foes children.
Explain why and how Romeo and Juliet are called “star- cross’d lovers”? They are from family enemies and aren’t supposed to even interact with each other, let alone fall in love.
From the uses of “fatal” and “star-crossed” in the prologue, do you think this is a play about fate or choice (free will)? Explain… I think its about free choice because the love is destined to fail and is against all faith and loyalty to their families and people.
Why would the verbal fight between the servants of the Montagues and Capulets turn physical when their masters enter the scene? The citizens want to show their masters they can win for them and act mightier in front of their boss. Also, to show their loyalty to their side.
Who tries to break up the fighting? How does Tybalt react to this? Benvolio treis to break up the fighting by bringing peace. Tybalt reacts by wanting to start a violent fight instead of verbal. He says he wants to peace and hates Montagues.
What threat does Escalus the Prince of Verona make to Lord Montague and Lord Capulet? He threatens to kill those who don’t be civil and those who fight.
When Romeo see that there has been a fight he states, “Here’s much to do with hate but more with love”. What does he mean by this? He means that the fight looks like it would be of hatred but in reality it all started with fighting over love. The feud between the 2 families has been going on for generations and when Benvolio asks him what is wrong he answers by saying the fight didn’t have to do with hate, but with love.. the girl he loves doesn’t love him back.
Why is romeo so sad? Describe. He is sad because he loves a woman who will never love him back because she is devoted to staying independent.
What is benvolio’s advice to romeo? how does he suggest romeo do this? benvolio’s advice is to forget about her and look for better women out there. He suggests for him to go out and meet new women to get his mind off of his forbidden love.
what does paris ask of capulet? what is capulet’s first answer? paris asks capulet for permission to marry his daughter, juliet. His first answer is yes but to wait 2 years until she is older and more mature.
what does paris say in response? what can you infer about this setting and society from this response? he agrees and says he would like to meet her that night at a party. Also, he states that it is very normal for young women to be married this young, which implies it was common at this time period to get married at such a young age. I can infer the permission of the father is very important and women getting married young.
what is the name of the women romeo loves? what is she like? how does romeo describe her? roseline she is an independent woman who refuses to marry. She is following queen elizabeths foot steps. he describes her as the most beautiful girl, the only one he will ever love.
what do romeo and benvolio decide to do after meeting with the page? they decide to go to the capulet party to show romeo there are other women out there for him.
what kind of mother id lady capulet? explain. what kind of relationship does the nurse have with juliet? she is a rich mother who only cares about her own opinion and way of doing things. she doesn’t really have a close relationship with her daughter because when she was young the nurse took care of her instead of the mother.
when lady capulet asks julier how she feels about marriage, what is her answer? explain. why would this be her answer? juliet doesn’t want marriage and doesn’t want anything to do with it. she is strong and independent, looks up to queen elizabeth. i think this was her answer because she hasn’t found her true love yet and isn’t old enough.
does lady capulet listen to juliets response? no, she doesn’t she keeps trying to persuade her to get the idea in her head because thats what she had done at her age. she states “well think of marriage now” when juliet responds that marriage isn’t needed right now.
according to mercutio, who/what is queen mab? what does she do? she is a fairies midwife, comes in shapes no bigger than than a agate stone on the forefinger of an alderman. Has a team of atomi over sleeping men. Has alot to do with nature. She goes in dreams explaining they aren’t real and are for children unless you actually do it.
what do mercutio and romeo say about dreams at the end of this scene? explain. Mercutio says dreams are fantasies and arent real. They are figure of imagination that dont relate to the real life. Romeo says he had a dream about the masque and how he will be with Rosaline.
what does romeo fear at the end of the scene? how does this foreshadow the rest of the story? explain. He fears too early, some consequence begin his fearful date. It foreshadows something is going to happen in the next scene with Tybalt and Juliet.
summarize romeos initial reaction to juliet. His initial reaction was flabbergasted, and he couldn’t believe his eyes on how pretty she was, instantly falling in love.
how does tybalt recognize romeo? why would romeos presence at the party be considered an insult? Tybalt reconizes him by his voice. His presence was an insult because he was an enemy celebrating and the enemies house.
why does capulet call tybalt a princox? what does this mean? why would this be insulting to tybalt? He calls him this because he was being overbearing and over reacting of the situation when more important thing were occurring. Princox is an insulted boy, showing rudeness, arrogance and lacking respect. This would insult him by degrading his nephew and telling him of his bad behavior.
what is tybalt foreshadowing in his response to his uncles warning? He is foreshadowing that something worse will happen later if you leave the situation alone for now.
explain/ summarize the conversation between romeo and juliet. Their conversation was religious flirtation in which resulted in kissing and falling in lover after only like 13-18 lines and just meeting.
what great realization do both romeo and juliet make at the end? who provides this information? how do they react? Romeo makes a run for it and he is screwed for messing with his families feud. Juliet doesn’t care and admits she is in love with a family foe. The nurse tells both of them who both are.
act 1 scene 1 – romeo is depressed, he tells his cousin the reasoning – in love with a girl who doesn’t love him back- prince breaks up brawl in street
act 1 scene 2 – paris asks to marry juliet – guest list, servingman- wants to crash party
act 1 scene 3 – juliet nurse and lady capulet talk about marriage – juliet is against it
act 1 scene 4 – mercutio mocks him about dreams
act 1 scene 5 – crash party- romeo and juliet meet – tybalt spots romeo and wants to fight – they fall in love but realize they are foes
act 2 scene 1 – romeo goes in capulets garden – hides and sleeps there
act 2 scene 2 – talk out loud to each other- set to marry soon
act 2 scene 3 – romeo tells friar of new love and asks him to marry them
act 2 scene 4 – tybalt sends romeo a challenge – romeo and mercutio yell and fight on how romeo didn’t come home last night and his wrongful decisions – nurse comes to get news from romeo for juliet – he is very rude to her
act 2 scene 5 – nurse stalls to tell her info – finally tells her the news to meet later that day to marry
act 2 scene 6 – friar marries them and they are finally together

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