Act 1 and Act 2 Romeo and Juliet

The servents of the house of Capulet are already using insulting language to generalize about members of the Montague family. What does this show about attitudes in the two houses? They do not like each other and can’t stand each other.
What attitudes of Gregory and Sampson towards the law? They are afraid of getting in trouble or punished and they want the other side to ight fight so thy don’t get in trouble.
Who is Tybalt and why is he dangerous? The nephew of the Capulets and his is quick tempered.
How are the responses of Lady Capulet and Lady Montague to their husbands different? Capulet thinks her husband id to old and Montague is the peacemaker
What warning does the Prince give the street brawlers? You better stop or you will die
When Benvolio asks Romeo what is the cause of Romeo’s strange behavior, what does Romeo tell him? He is heart broken and the girl he likes doesn’t want to get married or be in a relationship (Rosaline).
According to Romeo why does the young women refuse to love? She is beliving in chasity (never getting married or have children)
Why does Romeonot want to look at other women? Looking at other women will remind his of Rosaline.
At what age does Capulet consider it a proper age for Juliet to marry? 16
Why doesn’t Capulet want his daughter to marry right away? He wants her to experience the real world
What advice does Benvoilio give to Romeo? Get over her, there are better girls out there.
Who is Rosaline and how is she realted to the Capulets? She is the girl Romeo loves and the neice of the Capulets
Romeo does not want to go to the party, but how does Benvolio try to lire him to the party? Rosaline will be there
Why does the nurse feel eapecially strong affection for Juliet? It’s the daughter she never had
Identify Romeo’s specific expressions of foreboding as he sets off for the party. Untimly death, a soul of lead
What happens to Romeo the first time he sees Juliet? He thinks she is beautiful, “for i ne’er saw true beauty till thy night”
What does Juliet liken their “palm to palm”? Romeo means that they should kiss
When Romeo kisses Juliet in this scene, why could this be a mistake with Tybalt nearby? Tybalt would kill Romeo
What realization does Juliet have at thernd of act 1? Shes inlove with her own hate
What does Romeo compare Juliet to in the beginning of act 2? The sun, angels, light, stars
Why does Juliet tell Romeo to “deny thy father and refuse thy name”? They are fuding becuase of their last name, she wants him to change his name
Because Juliet lovse Romeo so much what is she willing to do? How does Romeo respond? Give up her name. I will to
What complications threaten their happiness? Their families are fuding and the Capulets could murder Romeo
Romeo is quick with vows and promises, but why is Juliet fearful and cautious? She understands the consquences, she is concerned that she is to easy to get
What is Juliet making clear to Romeo at the end of scene 2? She wants to know if his imtentions are marrage
What does the Friar’s statement suggest about the view of men and women? Women get their strength from men
Why does Friar decide to help the young couple? He thinks the marrage will end the fued.
Why is Tybalt looking for Romeo and the beginning of scene 4? To challenge him to a fight
What warning does the nurse give Romeo and why do you think she does it? He better be serious, she doesn’t want Juliet to get hurt, she is a mom to Juliet
What part does the nurse play in Romeo and Juliet’s schemes? Messanger, does Juliet’s “dirty work”, loyal to Juliet, will do anything that will make Juliet happy even if it disobeies their family.
How many sonnets did Shakspeare write? Over 150
What are the two types of sonnets? Italian and English sonnet
What is a rhyming couplet? 2 lines that rhyme
What is the difference between the English and Itlaian sonnet in terms of rhyme scheme? Italian-abbaabba cdccdc English- abab cdcd efef gg
Where were they invented? Italy
From whose perspective are sonnets typically written? Males
Aside Intended to be heard by the audience not the actors
Exposition Characters and setting are introduced
Soliloquy A person who is talking to himself on stage but only the audience can hear
Foreshadowing The use of clues to hint put events that will occur later in the plot
Oxymoron 2 opposite words next to eachother
Quatrain A type pf stanza or a complete poem, consisting of four lines
Couplet 2 lines a verse, a pair that rhyme and are of the same length
Sonnet A poem with 14 lines, iambic pentameter, rhymes
Paradox A statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true
Foil A character who is use as a comtrast to another character (romeo and tybalt)
Prose and verse Relate to which class of characters spoke in prose, and which spoke in verse, upper class talks in poem and lower class talks in regular
Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time on which day of the week? Sunday
How does the chorus describe the two lovers in the prologue? “A pair of star-crossed lovers”
What does “Romeo, Romeo, wheredore art thou Romeo really mean”? Why does your name have o be Romeo Montague?
What is the friar’s motivation for marrying Romeo and Juliet? Why is he also afraid to marry them? To end the fued, this could kill one of them
What beef does Tybalt have with Romeo? That he came to the party and kissed Juliet
Capulets Lady, Capulet, Juliet, Tybalt
Montague Lady, Montague, Romeo, Benvolio
Other Bathasar, Abram, Mercutico, Nurse, Peter, Sampson, Gregory, Paris, Prince Escalus, Friar Laurence
“Wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?” Romeo
“That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet
“Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied,/And vice sometimes by action dignified.” Friar Laurence
“Three civil brawls, bred of an airy word, by thee, Old Capulet and Montague.” Prince Escalius
“Is love a tender thing? It is too rough/ Too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn.” Romeo
“A pair of star-crossed lovers take thier life.” Chorus
“I do but keep the peace.” Benvolio
“Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.” Friar Laurence
Fallon Action When the problem starts to simmer down
Denouement When the problem is solved
5 act Exposition- rising action- climax- falling action- denouement

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