Act 1 and 2 Study Guide for Romeo and Juliet – Carter

How Sampson and Gregory “push” the Montague’s which results in a fight They were making fun of and bragging to eachother
Characteristics of Tybalt Hot-tempered
Why did lady Montague held back her husband back from fighting because he’s too old
Why Romeo is upset Because Rosaline denied his marriage, then he fell in love w Juliet and got sad because shes a Capulet
Who wants to marry Juliet Romeo
How Lord Capulet feels about his daughter getting married wants her to get married to Paris, not to Romeo
Mercutios view of dreams vs. Romeos Mercutio= dreams tempt peopleRomeo= Dreams tell future
Where did Romeo and Juliet meet masquerade ball
Main idea of act 2 prologue Juliet is Romeos enemy; yet he is the one she pleads her love
Romeos response to Mercutio He’s not being hurt by Mercutios words because he doesn’t like Rosaline anymore
Main idea of Romeos soliloquy when he first sees Juliet’s window She was professing her love about him, then he heard her so he professed back
“oh Romeo, oh Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?” meaning why are you Romeo
What Juliet is willing to give up for Romeo her name
What Romeo is willing to give up for Juliet his name
What Romeo swears by to prove Juliet’s love marriage
Friar Lawrence’s concerns about Romeo and Juliet It won’t work because they come from feuding families
What Tybalt sends to the Montagues household sent a letter to challenge them
How the Nurse teases Juliet She was saying she’s tired and out of breath
What happened at the end of Act 2 Romeo and Juliet get married

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