Act 1 and 2 Macbeth Vocab

Furbished (adj.)brightened, polished, new
Prophetic (adj.)having the power to predict or foreshadow the future
Surmise (verb.)To assume or come to a conclusion without evidence; to from an opinion from inconclusive evidence
Liege (noun.)lord or king
Chastise (verb.)to condemn or scold sharply
Metaphysical (adj.)very abstract
Sovereign (adj.)very supreme in power, rank, or authority
Augment (verb.)to make greater; enlarge
Palpable (adj.)capable of being touched or felt
Multitudinous (adj.)existing in great numbers
Equivocate (verb.)tell falsehoods (to lie)
Anointed (adj.)declared sacred
Predominance (noun.)superiority

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