A Midsummer Night’s Dream Review

How did Theseus and Hippolyta meet? Theseus took her as his prisoner
how should Hermia view her father? as a god
What are all the problems that get in the way of love? sickness, age, different classes, disease, etc.
what is Lysander’s view of love? love doesn’t run smoothly, love has it’s struggles
how is it revealed that the artisans do not understand the illusion of theater? because they don’t understand that men play female parts
what are all the consequences of Puck’s mistake? Lysander falls in love with Helena, Hermia and Helena get into a huge fight, Lysander threatens to kill Demetrius, Helena is hurt because they think this is all a joke, Hermia is hurt by Lysander with his hurtful words.
What are the problems with the play the artisans present and how do they resolve each of these problems? No moonlight- lantern, no wall- a man covered in plaster, frighten the ladies- the lion tells them he isn’t real.
why do they not want bottom to play the lion? because he wants to be all the roles and he is the leader so he needs a lead part.
what examples of puns can be found in the play? ballet-balladwild fowl-bird
what does Bottom say when Titania reveals that she loves him? reason and love don’t go together
what are all the roles bottom says he would like to perform in the play? lion, Pyramus, prologue
what is the reason Oberon and Titania are fighting? over the Indian boy
what are all the things that go wrong because these two are not getting along? flooding, seasons are mixed up, crops can’t be planted, livestock dies, humans don’t go into the woods, etc.
what are all the reasons Demetrius gives for Helena not to follow him? make me sick, hates her
what are all the reasons Oberon wants to use the juice of the flower? wants the boy, he feels bad for Helena
what does Hermia think when she wakes and finds Lysander gone? she thinks he is dead or Demetrius has killed him
What does Lysander say about Hermia after the fairies have “charmed” his eyes? he doesn’t love Hermia anymore and that he hates her and he never loved her.
what is Philostrate’s opinion of the artisans play? doesn’t recommend it that it’s really bas
how do the nobles act while watching the play? respectful and appreciative
what is the importance of pucks soliloquy? so he doesn’t offend anyone, if so he tells them is was all a dream and if they enjoyed it clap
What animal does Bottom turn into? A donkey
What is the name of the “charmed” flower? love-in-idleness
What do the artisans use for their “tiring house”? a hawthorn break
Theseus Duke of Athens, captures Hippolyta and marries her.
Egeus father of Hermia
Lysander in love with Hermia
Demetrius in “love” (has an infatuation) with Hermia
Quince a carpenter- is the prologue
Bottom a weaver- plays Pyramus
Flute a bellows-mender- plays Thisby
Snout a tinker- plays the wall
Snug a joiner- plays the lion
Starveling a tailor- plays the moonshine
Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus
Hermia daughter to Egeus, in love with Lysander
Helena in love with Demetrius
Oberon King of the Fairies
Titania Queen of the Fairies
Puck trickster fairy

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