A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare Vocabulary

Austerity Definition: sternness or severity of manner or attitudePart if speech: nounSentence: “Be Quiet!” the man said with austerity.
Beguile Definition: To trick (someone) into doing somethingPart of Speech: verbSentence: I beguiled my brother into thinking I took his gum.
Cloister Definition: any quiet or secluded placePart of Speech: nounSentence: I stepped into the cloister of flowers.
Dote Definition: to bestow or express excessive love (habit)Part of Speech: verbSentence: They dote on their youngest child.
Extenuate: Definition: to represent (a fault, offense, etc.) as less seriousPart of Speech: verbSentence: The boy extenuated the entirety of his offense.
Feign Definition: to represent fictitiously; put on an appearance ofPart of Speech: verbSentence: The girl feigned her sickness so she did not have to go to school.
Idolatry Definition: excessive or blind adoration, reverence, devotion, etc (idolize/worship)Part of Speech: nounSentence: In any case, my early idolatry of them could never have been sustained.
Reveling Definition: to make merryPart of Speech: verbSentence: The man reveled in the expensive black limo parked outside.
Dissemble Definition: to hide under a false appearancePart of Speech: verbSentence: The man dissembled himself to look like his father
Flout Definition: to treat with contemptuous disregardPart of Speech: verbSentence: He flouted the law as he threw his litter on the ground.
Progeny Definition: descendants/outcomesPart of Speech: nounSentence: Your progeny will be as rich and beautiful as you.
Promontory Definition: a high point of land or rock projecting into a body of waterPart of Speech: nounSentence: The man looked out the horizon from his high promontory position.
Wanton Definition: hard to control/cruel/without regardPart of Speech: adjectiveSentence: The twins were wantonus as they ran around the house.
Bequeath Definition: to give or leave by will – used especially of personal propertyPart of Speech: nounSentence: Lessons of the past are bequeathed to future generations.
Chide Definition: to speak out in angerPart of Speech: verbSentence: She chided us for showing up late.
Derision Definition: a state of being laughed at or ridiculedPart of Speech: nounSentence: One of the students laughed in derision at my error.
Entreat Definition: to make an earnest requestPart of Speech: verbSentence: I entreat you to help me.
Rebuke Definition: to criticize sharplyPart of Speech: verbSentence: The man strongly rebuked the girl for being disruptive.
Recompense Definition: to pay forPart of Speech: verbSentence: That company still needs to recompense that work that the contractor finished last month.
Sojourn Definition: a temporary stayPart of Speech: nounSentence: Our family enjoyed a two-week sojourn in the mountains.
Spurn Definition: obsolete/rejectPart of Speech: verbSentence: The elderly couple spurned all offers of financial help.
Discourse Definition: the capacity of orderly thought or procedure/verbal exchange of ideasPart of Speech: nounSentence: He likes to engage in lively discourse with his visitors.
Enmity Definition: mutual hatred or ill willPart of Speech: nounSentence: There’s a long history of enmity between them.
Paragon Definition: a model of excellence or perfectionPart of Speech: nounSentence In Arthurian legend, Sir Galahad is depicted as the one knight who is a paragon of virtue.
Amends Definition: compensation for a loss or injuryPart of Speech: nounSentence: She made amends with her friend after their fight.
Audacious Definition: loud/daring/have the nervePart of Speech: adjectiveSentence: I am appalled at your audaciously to skip school the day of the final.
Gait Definition: a manner of walking or moving on footPart of Speech: nounSentence: He has an awkward gait.
Premeditated Definition: thought out beforePart of Speech: adjectiveSentence: Their speeches are not premeditated- they’re all in the moment.
Reprehend Definition: to voice disapproval ofPart of Speech: verb Sentence: The mother reprehended the boy’s privilege of watching TV.
Satire Definition: to make fun ofPart of Speech: nounSentence: Saturday Night Live uses lots of satire.
Transfigure Definition: to change on the outsidePart of Speech: verbSentence: The man transfigured the paper into an origami bird.

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