A Midsummer Night’s Dream Acts 3,4,5

Why does Nick Bottom want to write a prologue for the play, Pyramus and Thisbe? He writes a prologue so his character can read it to the audience in the chance he won’t scare the ladies.
What has Puck done to Bottom? And who falls in love with Bottom? Puck has changed bottoms head into an ass and Titania falls in love with bottom.
Identify the speaker,” Tie up my love’s tongue, bring him silently.” Titania
What news does Puck tell Oberon? He tells Oberon that Titania is in love with an ass, and he was successful in putting the love juice in the Athenian’s eyes.
Why does Oberon send Puck to get Helena? He sends Puck to get Helena because he found out that Puck put the love juice in Lysander’s eyes by mistake, while Puck is away, Oberon puts the love juice in Demetrius’ eyes so when he wakes up he will see Helena and love her again.
Now that both Demetrius and Lysander are in love with Helena, what does she think Hermia’s part in all of the trouble is? Helena thinks that Hermia has joined the prank or teasing game with the two Athenian men.
What does Hermia think Helena has done? Hermia thinks Helena is jealous of her so she is used her taller height to wow both men.
Why does Oberon send Puck to confuse Lysander and Demetrius? Lysander and Demetrius were about to fight each other with swords to see who loves Helena more, so Oberon makes Puck disguise his voice to make the men move away from each other and fall into a deep sleep.
What remedy corrects the crossed-loved couples? Puck puts the love juice in Lysander’s eyes to fall in love with Hermia. He decides to leave Demetrius in love with Helena.
Why does Titania give Oberon the Indian boy? Titania does not care about the Indian boy anymore because she is in love with Bottom, who still has the head of an ass.
How does Oberon find Titania and Bottom? They are asleep in each other’s arms.
Why does Oberon remove the spell he has cast over Titania? He now has the Indian boy for himself and he pities Titania being in love with a donkey. He wants her back to her true self.
When Theseus finds the couples sleeping in the woods now knowing their love for each other what orders does he give? He orders the couples to follow him and Hippolyte back to Athens and get married along with him.
What news does Bottom bring his companions? He says that their play, Pyramus and Thisbe have been chosen as the entertainment for the duke of Athens wedding.
Why does Philostrate try to keep Theseus from seeing the play? He says the acting is horrible and it is too short so it is not worth watching.
Who does Puck address in his famous speech at the end of the play? Puck talks the audience and says that if you did not enjoy the play just think of it as a dream.

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