A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Act 5 Scene 1

Hippolyta finds the story related by the lovers strange. What is Theseus’s reaction to it? Lovers and madmen’s minds are alike. They run constantly always causing mischief.
In terms of a theme in this play, reality verses illusion, what do the poets, madmen, and lovers have in common? They don’t use any logic or reason. They go between the realms of literal and the fanciful.
Although he has been warned that it is a terrible play, why does Theseus insist on seeing Pyramus and Thisbe? He wants to give the common people a chance to prove themselves because they have the courage to do so.
Hippolyta is concerned that these players might embarrass themselves, and that laughing at their effort would be unkind. But Theseus compares their efforts at play-making to someone who wishes to speak to him, but becomes tongue-tied. What is the point of the comparison he is making? As a result, what is our opinion of Theseus? Theseus is good and gracious to the Rude Mechanics. He doesn’t want to make fun of them, its a good intention so they will accept it as such.
Briefly, what is the plot of the play-within-a-play, Pyramus and Thisbe? Shakespeare id trying to achieve humor.
How does this tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe give a comic reflection of the main plot? Pyramus and Thisbe relate closely to Hermia and Lysander in the beginning of the play.
Critics point out that, to be really appreciated, this last act must be overacted. Why do you suppose they say this? To achieve the comedy of it all. These poor men think they’re fantastic when really they aren’t.
Why is it somewhat ironic that Lysander and Demetrius should be laughing at the troubles of Pyramus and Thisbe? They went through troubles of their own when it came to being with the one they love.
As the three pairs of lovers, now all united in marriage, march off the stage, the reunited Oberon and Titania appear. What is the tone and substance of their comments? It seems peaceful. Oberon is blessing the lovers and all is well.
According to Puck, what should someone who was offended by A Midsummer Night’s Dream think of it? They should think of it as a dream, as if they were sleeping through this whole play.

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