A Midsummer NIght’s Dream Act 3

They want to rehearse the play. What is the purpose of the night meeting of the mechanicals?
His suggestions are over the top and not always the most simple means. Would you say Bottom’s suggestions are practical or fanciful?
He is transformed. What happens after Bottom walks away from the actors for a minute?
He often mispronounces or misuses vocabulary. How does Bottom misuse language?
He thinks they are playing a prank on him. What does Bottom think of the responses of his fellow actors to his transformation?
Bottom singing What wakes Titania?
Titania tells Bottom he is handsome and wise….and yet tells the fairies to tie his mouth. What is ironic and humorous about Titania’s speech in scene I?
He says that love and reason often do not share company. How is Bottom truly wise?
Puck What character is used to connect the multiple plots together?
The dream of Lysander’s death What dream is echoed in the references by Hermia and Demetrious to “piercing through” the heart and the Earth?
He has killed Lysander. What does Hermia believe that Demetrious has done?
He wants to see Helena’s love returned Why is Robin delighted with Oberon’s use of the flower on Demetrious?
She followed the sound of his voice. How has Hermia located the Lysander in the dark wood?
She asks heaven to “shield” Lysander. At the end of scene II, how do we know that Hermia still loves Lysander despite his language of hate?
He has made fools of them. Robin “accidentally” makes a mess of things in this act. How does Puck’s actions effect the Athenian couples’ behaviour?

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