A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 1 and 2 Questions

What are Thesues and Hippolyta discussing at the play’s start? (Act 1) Their Wedding
How does Hippolyta come to be betrothed to Theseus? (Act 1) Theseus won her in a battle
Why is Egeus disturbed? (Act 1) B/c his daughter wants to marry Lysander and not Demetrius (the man Egeus for Hermia to marry)
What will be Hermia’s fate if she refuses to marry Demetrius? (Act 1) She’ll be executed or she’ll have to become a nun
To what do Lysander and Hermia agree? (Act 1) Elope, run away, and live in Lysander’s aunt’s house
What hope does Helena have by telling Demetrius of Lysander and Hermia’s flight? (Act 1) Helena hopes Demetrius will appreciate her honesty and fall in love with her
Who are the characters in scene two, and what do they plan? (Act 1) BottomSnugFluteQuinceSnoutStarvelingThey plan a show (Pyramus and Thisbe or Romeo and Juliet) to perform at the soon-to-be King Theseus’ wedding
Why is Oberon angry with his queen? (Act 2) B/c she will not give the changeling to Oberon
On what mission does Oberon send puck? (Act 2) Find the flow that Cupid’s bow hit
Upon overhearing Demetrius and Helena, what does Oberon command Puck to do? (Act 2) Oberon commands Puck to anoint Demetrius with the magical nectar located in the flow that Cupid’s bow hit
Upon whose eyes does Puck apply the potion? (Act 2) Titania
When he wakes up, who does Lysander see and love? (Act 2) Helena
What is Helena’s reaction to Lysander’s words of love? (Act 2) She’s shocked, in denial, and feels like she’s being hoodwinked
To where has Lysander disappeared when Hermia awakes? (Act 2) He went deeper in to the forest, following Helena, confessing his love to her

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