A Midsummer Night’s Dream

After Demetrius says: Look, where thy loves; yonder is thy dear Thou art not by mine eye, Lysander found;But why didst though unkindly leave me so?
After Lysander says: Why should he stay, whom love doth press go? You speak not as you think, it cannot be
After Helena says: …..To join with the men in scorning your poor friend. I am amazed at your passionate words.I scorn you not, it seems that you scorn me
After Helena says: O excellent! Sweet, do not scorn her
After Demetrius says: Quick come! Lysander, whereto tends all this?
After Lysander says: Hang off thou cat, thou burr? vile thing let loose, or I will shake thee from me like a serpent! Why are you grown so rude? What change is this sweet love?
After Lysander says: Thy Love! out tawny tartar, out! Out, loathed medicine, hated potion hence! Do you not jest?
After Demetrius says: I’ll not trust you word O me! You juggler! You canker-blossom! You thief of love! What, have you come by night and stolen my love’s heart from him?
After Helena says: ….. Fie, fie! you counterfeit, you puppet, you! Puppet? Why so? Ay, that way goes the game.Now I perceive that she hath made compare Between our statures, She hath urged her height;Am I so dwarfish and so low?
After Helena says: …..And although she be but little, she is fierce. ” Little” again nothing but “low” and “little”!!
After Helena says: My legs are longer though to run away. I am amazed and know not what to say.
After Puck says: Yet but three? Come one more;Two of both kinds make up four Never so weary, never so in woe,I can no further crawl, no further goHere I will rest me till the break of day.Heavens shield Lysander if it means a fray.
After Demetrius says: …… The duke was here, and bid us follow him Yea; and my father
After Helena says: ….. on a recorder; a sound but not in government. His speech was like a tangled chain, nothing impaired, but all disorder.

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