A Level English Lit: The Tempest- Critics

McDonald Shakespeare makes the audience “deeply sceptical about the operation of all kinds of power”
Hall “It was the most blasphemous play Shakespeare had written”
Mike Brett Miranda is a “pawn in a patriarchal society”
Doran “The action of the play is Prospero’s discovery of an ethic of forgiveness”
Smith “If Prospero is Shakespeare, we wouldn’t like Shakespeare”
Willis “The play’s threatening Other is not Caliban but Antonio”
Miller Caliban is “demoralised, detribalised and dispossessed”
Barton “The normal social responses have been dislocated”
Haddon “Stephano is the real monster”
Todd “Miranda’s outward beauty is a reflection of her inner merit”
Jaimeson “Ariel and Caliban represent two sides of Prospero’s personality”
Tanner “Miranda’s pity must be innate”
Kermode Caliban is “the bestial man (with) no sense of right and wrong”
Vickers “Shakespeare is not a colonist, nor is Prospero”
Sharpe “Every character is driven by an internal cry for freedom”

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